Database elements

Database elements


  • 1 databases
  • 2 The objective of the database
  • 3 Elements of databases 3.1 Data 3.2 Equipment 3.3 Software 3.4 Users
  • 3.1 Data
  • 3.2 Equipment
  • 3.3 Software
  • 3.4 Users


Databases (Data Base) is a set of records and fields where the logical record data associated with each mathematical relationship, and each database consists of a table or more regulated by these records and fields; An example of it: the staff record that includes employee number, name, and degree, and the date of his appointment, and stored in a computer organizer and uncluttered manner; The program facilitates the engine database process data handling.

To retrieve the data stored on the database; It depends on the number of computer commands, and the most important language of the query (require language); Which serves as a correction information stimulates the process of decision-making; By means of database management system.

The goal of the database

The main objective of the database by highlighting the method of data applications without the organization; This design data, provided that they involved non-repetition, and the possibility of restoring, editing, and the introduction of any additions without any problems, and resorts to use several ways to reach three levels of abstraction or normalization models, and are intended to bring the data in terms of composition to the taxonomic nature.

Important data status of rules taken in the conduct of operations of facilities and institutions plan rather than the file system, and comes due to the ease of storage, and provision of space; Where you do not need a large storage space, in addition to ease of use, and data retrieval through which language (sql).

Database elements


Data is stored normally in personal computers of all sizes; It based on the extent of efficiency of the system and its ability, and owned automated entity of the computer of the potential difference lies in databases between personal computers and large that personal computers allow one user to use the database, while the mainframe it offers the opportunity for more than one user to provide a database for them , and even be efficient database it must be characterized by Baltkamilah and non-repetitive.


Databases depend on the nature of a number of equipment; It is the most important: magnetic disks, in addition to the units of dense streaks; In order to store the data for reference at a time when you need them.


Programs play a role as an intermediary between the data stored in files, and users of databases, and the most common programs are: database (DBMS) Manager; It is a complex program too, requires a specialized database, and have a high capacity and great knowledge to deal with him.


  • Program planners: Their role is to write programs, and they have the potential for the use of databases.
  • Specialists databases: who are responsible for the maintenance of databases and operation.
  • Users databases: They all dealers with databases using the terminals.


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