Damage to the sauna suit

Damage to the sauna suit


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It means the sauna heat over natural or super-hot, and according to what is customary that the sauna is a small room with Bhrartha and moisture content, whether for men or women, where the person's exposure to steam bath sessions are recommended. Has become a lot frequented by being effective and ideal to get rid of excess weight, Valastamal moderate steam bath has a good impact in relaxation and comfort, but they have become used is unhealthy, and cause damage to pose a threat to health.

Sauna suit

Sauna suit is made of nylon, vinyl, rubber or plastic, to fit with the sauna bath requirements, when wearing body temperature increases and leads to the secretion of large amounts of sweat, and this helps the body get rid of removing excess water and toxins, get rid of impurities and grease accumulated to lose weight by heating and excessive sweating, if used the right image entailed many health benefits; Because it improves the metabolism and blood circulation, and is considered the most widely used among boxers and athletes.

Damage to the sauna suit

The benefits of each side and damage appear over time, and it; Many studies have shown that the continuity of the use of the sauna suit leads to many damages that pose a threat to health, and can be avoided most of the proper-use of the sauna, and the most important side effects resulting from the following:

  • Dry body: where the sauna is working on the body large amounts of water and sweat loss; As a result of the body is exposed to heat, which leads to dehydration, may cause death, because the body becomes more susceptible to cerebral strokes and increased heart rate, as a result of the increase in body temperature dramatically.
  • Loss of water permanently with the continuity of the use of the sauna suit cause harm to the kidneys, and the risk of kidney failure.
  • Fainting, loss of consciousness, weakness and loss of energy.
  • Rapid loss of weight loss as a result of the loss of excess water from the body, although keeping the fat accumulated in the body, so when you stop using the sauna suit, body and put it back normal.

Tips for using the sauna suit healthy

  • Advised of this suit is used to drink large quantities of water and fluids after the completion of the sauna, and avoid use in hot weather.
  • It is advised to feel a headache or drowsiness during use to leave immediately.


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