Damage to obesity

Damage to obesity


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Obesity is the accumulation of a large amount of fatty tissue inside the body, can determine obesity simply by calculating the body mass index (in English: Body Mass Index), which depends on the height and weight, if the body mass index of more than 30, a person is considered obese, and if the body mass index between 25 and 29.9, it suffers from overweight, [1] In this article we will show the damage caused by obesity, the causes of injury, and tips to get rid of obesity.

Damage to obesity

Obesity does not affect the shape of the body only, but also adversely affect the various members of the body; As it is a risk factor for a range of health conditions and chronic diseases, obesity and damage to mention the following: [2]

  • The risk of rising insulin resistance, where insulin is a hormone necessary for the process of transferring blood sugar into muscle and fat cells and use it for energy production; As it keeps the sugar and natural Bmadelha levels, while insulin resistance (in English: Insulin resistance) it is a situation less than the effectiveness of insulin in transporting sugar into cells, and are considered fat cells are more resistant to insulin than muscle cells, so one of the main causes of body resistance to insulin is obesity, where the pancreas responds initially to insulin resistance by producing more of this hormone, and can continue this case containing normal levels of sugar, while rising levels of insulin for years, and once not be able pancreas to keep up with the production of large amounts of insulin, start levels blood sugar to rise, causing diabetes type II, so the insulin resistance is the case of pre-diabetes (in English: prediabetes).
  • The risk of rising diabetes type II with increasing degree of obesity and the length of time diagnosis so, as this type is associated with obesity, a central excess fat around the waist area.
  • The high blood pressure is common among adults who are obese, one study showed that the weight gain cause increased blood pressure in women by more than men.
  • Obesity is considered a risk factor for colon cancer in men and women, in addition to the rectum and prostate cancer in men, cancer of the gall bladder and uterus in women, and obesity is also associated with breast cancer, especially in women after menopause; Since the fatty tissue intervention in the production of the hormone estrogen (in English: Estrogen), and exposure can lead to high levels of this hormone for long periods to increase the risk of breast cancer.
  • Heart attack; Where the higher risk of heart attack significantly greater weight.
  • brain attack.
  • Gallstones.
  • Gout, gouty arthritis (in English: Gouty arthritis).
  • Arthritis, degenerative knees, hips, and lower back.
  • Breathing problems, and sleep apnea. [3]
  • High triglyceride levels, as well as low levels of good cholesterol in the blood. [3]

The causes of obesity

Obesity produces a range of causes and factors interrelated, and these reasons: [3]

  • Genetic effect: where genes can affect the amount of fat stored by the body, and how they are distributed, and their efficiency in converting food into energy, and how to burn calories to heat during exercise.
  • Lifestyle family: it increases the risk of obesity if one or both parents fat, not only because of heredity, but because of family influence on eating habits and daily activities as well.
  • Idle: where lifestyle leads to a passive calorie consumption easily amount greater than the calories burned by the body during the movement.
  • Bad diet: the diet that contains a high percentage of calories coming from fast food and soft drinks lead, and lack of fruits and vegetables to weight gain.
  • Medicines: where you can eat some drugs cause weight gain, and these drugs: some anti-depressant drugs, and anti-convulsion, and diabetes medicines, medicines steroidal.
  • Social and economic factors: it is to avoid obesity is difficult in the absence of suitable places to exercise, and has a culture of healthy food, in addition to the influence of friends and relatives living with obesity, and lack of money to buy healthy foods.
  • Age: where a person can become infected with obesity at any age, but age increases the risk of obesity; Due to hormonal changes, and the tendency to lifestyle less active, in addition to the low amount of muscle, the level of metabolism, where these changes lead to a reduced calorie needs, and in the absence of awareness of the need to adjust the intake volume, and increased physical activity, it will raise the proportion of incidence of weight gain with age.
  • Pregnancy: It increases the weight of women during pregnancy, and you can find some of the difficulty of women in this weight loss after birth, and can contribute to this increase in the development of obesity in women.
  • Lack of sleep: where can result in not getting a premium enough sleep, or get a large share of sleep to change hormones leads to increased appetite and desire for food.

Tips for Weight Loss

The presence of one or more of the risk factors of obesity does not mean that a person fat, as it can reduce most of the factors effect through healthy diet, physical activity, exercise, behavioral changes, and can follow a set of tips for weight loss and prevention of the increase, which is as follows: [3]

  • Do exercise regularly for between 150-300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week, and these activities are brisk walking, swimming.
  • Focus on eating low-calorie foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.
  • Avoid saturated fats, and sweets.
  • Eat three regular meals a day in addition to reducing snacks.
  • Monitor regularly weight.
  • Stability on the health system as much as possible during the week, and leave, and the weekend.


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