Damage to ensure

Damage to ensure

It is no secret that a great loss benefits obtained from the appropriate person to sleep the appropriate number of hours, which helps the sense of attention and comfort, and also on the importance of health, beauty and mental health. It also helps sleep to increase energy stocks in the body, and the renewal of cells and tissues of the body, as it is important for the nervous system, and helps to stimulate memory ... etc. Definition of iPod: iPod idiomatically is the delay time to sleep late hours of the night, and this made the day for living and working and to meet all needs, and night to sleep and rest. But the modern lifestyle and globalization and the spread of the means of evolution in the technology sector on a large and cheap prices soft, led to a breach of this system we turned to lie awake late hours of the night and make up their place Vennam in the day.


  • 1 What are the reasons for iPod?
  • 2 Why iPod?
  • 3 damage to health month
  • 4 Some tips that may help to sleep early:
  • 5 and herbs and foods that help to sleep:

What are the reasons for iPod?

- Travel

- Summer Vacations

- Simulation people and imitate friends

- sleep in the daytime too much

- [١]

- the goals of work

- Follow-up TV

- sit online

- family events

- health problems

- Family problems

- Leisure

Why iPod?

• iPod may be a reflection of the physiological reasons resulting from the breach of the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which directly affects the process of sleep.

• and also may be an escape from the reality we live, or to cover certain problems: if there are problems at work, study, marriage etc ... and translate this reality and those problems to escape them if we spend long hours in front of the TV or computer

• It may also be an expression of mental disorder needs boiling treatment and follow-up anxiety or depression or stress.

• The socialization plays an important role in the watershed and ensure the subject, as the child has not brought up the sense of the importance of time in his life.

• and draws the finger at the media in all its forms issued for us television channels and radio stations operating throughout the day there is relentless and do not tire!

• and some have pointed out that ensure demonstrates the lack of religious faith, as it ensures Batad about the commandments and peace be upon him with regard to the body and the importance of sleep.

And here was the number of hours or iPod few sleep involves damage and risks to humans, as the month for health and psychological and social damage:

Health Sahar Damage

1. The failure to take a straight enough sleep leads to the emergence of symptoms including: fatigue, anxiety, nervous tension, poor concentration, irritability, and some skin problems Kalpthor .... etc.

2. The lack of sleep caused an imbalance in the immune system, as the immune system gets jammed when there is a difference in the daily cycle of waking hours and hours of sleep.

3. The iPod leads to deformities Qguamah Ntjah sitting for long periods in front of the TV, for example, it affects the skeletal deformities in the bones, and the bending of the spine

4. lead to the occurrence of blackening under the eyes

5. affects the heart (for men)

6. lead to the incidence of breast cancer (for women)

7. Staying leads to insomnia, the spread of insomnia for many nights and degenerated forces the person stops the mind from the production and dominated insomniac pessimism and inclination of the unit.

8. recent US study also revealed that ensure increases the hunger hormone level and reduces the hormone level in the body satiety.

Some tips that may help to sleep early:

- Do not do heavy work stress, whether mental or physical before bedtime

- counting stimulants in the evening, and including excessive smoking

- do light exercise such as walking sport

- create a quiet place and the right to sleep, preferably fixed

- Avoid heavy meals before bedtime

- Taking a warm bath before going to sleep

- Try to sleep when liquidates your mind from thoughts of concern and Altotro negative and painful memories of feelings, and by reading some books entertaining.

- Turn off the room light helps Darkness sleep

- closer to God Almighty to pray and perform the obligatory

And herbs and foods that help to sleep:

• Lettuce

• Honey

• Zinc.

• Turkey meat

• Anise

• black bean

• Alemramip

• Apricot

• Chamomile

• Emulsion mint also helps to calm the nerves

• celery juice

• Eat almonds struggling insomnia

  • ↑ effective study skills


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