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Damage pills yeast


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Grain yeast

Cereal yeast nutritional benefits value, has been known since ancient times, called the leaven of beer, not to call leaven beer any relationship or link beer, and it is used in the treatment of many diseases, because they contain many vitamins and minerals and minerals necessary for the body, which helps to delay the emergence of signs of aging in humans, and gives the body more vital activity that can do all the work, without feeling tired and effort, and help to strengthen human memory, and lead to calm the nerves. [1]

Benefits of pills yeast

Cereal yeast many benefits to human, namely: [2]

  • The yeast tablets of the most important sources that contain proteins and amino acids, which contain iron element, so it is advisable to take them for people who are suffering from anemia.
  • Yeast pills help reduce cholesterol in human blood.
  • Work to alleviate infections that are exposed nerves of the body.
  • Allergy treatment that exposed skin, to eliminate the acne that afflict humans.
  • Human help to improve the temperament, and increase the ability to sleep faster and better way.
  • It is used by many for slimming and getting rid of excess weight.
  • Most characteristic pills yeast they contain substances that lead to human protection of diabetes, which is leading to increased production of insulin from the pancreas is necessary to burn glucose in the body, and the regularity of sugar in the blood, People exposed to the injury of sugar as a result of illness of several factors, including genetic, is recommended by eating beans for yeast, they are able to activate the pancreas and his work to the fullest.

Damage pills yeast

There is no collateral damage to the grain yeast, it is considered useful for all, but it must be before using them to obtain advice and a prescription from a specialist doctor, and in some cases the person for some symptoms it may be exposed, when used for a long time, and these damages: [3]

  • Feeling headaches and pain in the head.
  • Feeling of colic and bloating in the abdomen.
  • People who suffer from allergies are exposed when used to increase the itching, swelling and swelling of the affected skin.
  • When a person is infected with Crohn's disease and uses a yeast pill, it leads to making his condition worse and more dangerous.
  • Eating pills yeast excessively works on a person's exposure to infection rickets, or what is known as osteoporosis and osteoarthritis, although containing pills yeast calcium, but the presence of phosphorus leads to the absorption of calcium and immobilized, and in this case must be dealt with fish oil, and all compounds containing calcium.


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