Damage castor oil for hair

Damage castor oil for hair

Many people resort to the use of natural remedies in their daily lives; Because of its positive effects in the treatment of diseases, natural oils and are more commonly used these treatments, such as castor oil, which is used in therapy, and has many benefits also side effects, and in this article we will talk about hair damage castor oil.


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  • 1.1 Damage castor oil for hair
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  • 1.3 Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil

Castor oil is one of the types of oils that are extracted from the castor tree, which is a yellow oil and bitter taste, as it is one of the oldest oils used as a natural remedy.

Damage castor oil for hair

  • Castor oil causes the muscle relaxant, especially if the eye muscle was put on hair eyelashes.
  • Castor oil causes allergy to some, which causes redness and irritation of the scalp, and a feeling of suffocation, then you should stop use and see a doctor immediately.

Damage castor oil

  • The risk of castor oil on the health of people suffering from internal infections in the digestive tract, especially appendicitis.
  • When drinking castor oil may cause some severe diarrhea and tiredness and stress, and nausea, and a feeling of dizziness and stomach cramps, and then immediately advised to consult a physician to receive appropriate treatment.
  • Not recommended to use castor oil for cases suffering from severe constipation, so that the person does not get severe diarrhea.

Benefits of Castor Oil

Castor oil has many benefits, and these benefits:

  • Laxative stomach: The castor oil is a laxative months treatment for the stomach, and processor to catch quickly and easily, as castor oil deals with all types of intestinal infections caused by constipation.
  • Anti-fungal: is a castor oil antibiotics are able to eliminate fungi, tumors, sunburn, and all this thanks contains Andisileniec acid.
  • Wizard to colds: it is mixed with warm turpentine, castor oil applied to the chest during the flu, it will help treat the flu quickly.
  • The treatment of rheumatism and arthritis: Contains castor oil on oleic acid, acid and linoleic acid Alrizulenk, and while penetrating the skin castor oil painted by the place, and during the arrival of the bones will treat rheumatism, arthritis and gout.
  • Treatment of hemorrhoids: where castor oil works on the treatment of hemorrhoids and inflammation, and by facilitating bowel movement.
  • Useful for hair: where oil works castor on lengthening and intensifying hair and Tenaimh, which is effective in lengthening eyelashes.
  • Nail moisturizing: castor oil works to increase moisturizing the nails and prevent cracking.
  • Baldness cure: A type of castor oil, a black Jamaican castor oil works to treat baldness.
  • Moisturizing skin: Many types of soap-making of castor oil, where he works to hydrate the skin.


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