Cupping conditions for women

Cupping conditions for women


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Known as cupping therapy (in English: Cupping Therapy) for thousands of years, due originally to Egypt, China, and the Middle East, has been observed increasing numbers of celebrities and international athletes who have the experience of cupping over the past years, [1] In fact, the ancient Chinese believed that cupping therapy helps to facilitate the flow of what is known as life force or "qi" within their tracks, in addition to increasing the body's resistance to the causes of the disease, reduce pain, promote blood circulation, relieve muscle tension, and the formation of the tissues of new blood vessels, and the principle of cupping therapy on the use of cups made of bamboo , or ceramic, or glass, heated from the inside by using alcohol, or a weed, or the paper is then removed the heating source to be placed inverted cups in specific locations on the skin, are then generating a suction vacuum when cooled these cups from the inside, [2]

It should be noted that the medical cupping mechanism in the treatment of many health problems and diseases are still not entirely clear and precise, and there remains a need for more scientific quality to confirm studies on the effectiveness of cupping in the treatment of diseases. [1]

Cupping conditions for women

Cupping one represents a therapeutic means used according to its promoters, in some cases related to women and the most important; Infertility problems, menstruation irregular, and cervical cancer, white Walther (in English: Leukorrhea), [3] The White Walther vaginal discharge natural in women, which are often thick and sticky and tends to color to white or yellow, but does not cause itching or pain or burning in the vagina, [4] in addition to many other problems such as; Headache disorders, digestive, back pain, varicose veins, and helps cupping says some of its promoters on weight loss, cellulite removal, facial rejuvenation, removal of wrinkles, but it should be noted that there are some conditions that must be her attention before cupping for women; Where it is not recommended to use cupping for pregnant women, or women in the menstrual period [3].

There is a set of general conditions of Hjamp which are applicable to women and also men; Where he is not advisable to conduct cupping for those who suffer from muscle spasms, or bone fractures, or a type of cancer that is spreading and moves within the body, or suffering from easy bleeding, or severe fever associated with cramps, or obese, or low weight severe, [3] or suffers from a failure in one of the internal organs, or accumulation of fluid in the body, or blood disorders, or some heart disease, or from dealing with anti drugs for blood clotting, as well as children, the elderly, plus it is not advisable to put cups cupping on the skin areas containing the arteries or major veins, or lymph glands, or any of the body openings, or areas that suffer from irritation or inflammation, [5] or burns, puncture wounds or sores, or infected too? during the period short years. [2]

Types of cupping

There are several types of Hjamp which; Dry cupping, which is to put the cups on painful points within the energy pathways, and leave in their positions for a period ranging from 5-20 minutes depending on the patient's condition, either wet cupping is up to put the cups after making small incisions on the skin using a medical scalpel, in order to get rid of the amount a few of the blood and take out the toxins from the body, and there is cupping Almetzhalqh which are put massage oil on the skin before placing cups than its slide allows to easily skin, and is currently the development of air cupping which use suction pump to remove air from the cups instead of heat. [6]

For cupping therapy

It is considered safe cupping therapy in general; Since the side effects of cupping is limited, usually is the emergence of signs resembling bruises in the site put cupping glasses on the skin, as a result of blood towards the layers pull the skin upper near the cup and cracked some of the blood vessels under the skin, which is not soon disappear in a few days or weeks. [1] the number of cupping sessions that the individual needs to build on its medical evaluation, some need to take 1-3 sessions so that each session 60-75 minutes or less, including the initial consultation, while others may need to more sessions especially suffer from chronic diseases, and it should be noted that cupping play an important role in disease prevention as well as treatment for many cases. [7]

General tips on cupping

There is a set of general tips on cupping, which apply to both sexes alike, and the most important of the following tips: [7] [8]

  • Shower before cupping two hours or three hours, wear comfortable clothes, with the need to avoid the shower before treatment directly.
  • Stop eating and drinking for at least three hours before cupping, because eating stimulates circulation in the digestive system in order to transport nutrients between different parts of the body.
  • Avoid consumption of red meat, and all milk products for 24 hours after cupping, and prefer to avoid as much as possible chicken or eating a few of it amounts, while the fish can eat, eggs, fruits, and vegetables.
  • Drink plenty of water to help the body get rid of toxins and unwanted substances, and maintain body moisture.
  • Try to avoid products containing tobacco in all its forms, if possible, for 24 hours after cupping.
  • Avoid exercise and intercourse for 48 hours after cupping.
  • Avoid washing the area that was performed by cupping for 24 hours to reduce the likelihood of infection of the skin with the need to avoid the use of soap and shower products on these areas.
  • Avoid drinks containing caffeine, soft drinks for 24 hours after cupping, while drinking green tea can.


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