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Create Account Cake Messenger


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Cake Messenger

Cake Messenger is a free social networking programs spread around the countries of the world, which was founded by Canadian Isaac Reichek in 2011, an application designed to publish audio recordings and video shorts, and videos that do not exceed the duration of 36 seconds, and allows multiple account features and characteristics such as sending multimedia, text messages, audio recordings that appear to users of the application by the user profile page, and in this article we will talk about how to create cake Messenger account.

Features Cake Messenger account

  • Ease of use and speed of the application.
  • The ability to add friends by searching for their names into a box search engine your application without resorting to phone numbers or emails.

Create Account Cake Messenger

  • Go to the download shop Father Store or Google Play, and get into the search box applications, and write the Arabic-language cake program, or Keek Messenger in English, and we carry through pressure on the download download
  • Press on the word open Open to go to the login page, and we press the record button New Account Register.
  • We are writing the first name and family name.
  • We choose the user name that will be defined for us in the cake account, then enter the correct e-newsletter.
  • Choose the word strong and suitable for the mystery, and must include eight characters, and consists of a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters, and some icons.
  • Rewrite the password again to make sure that they are identical, then we choose the date of our birth day, month and year.
  • Show us a green marker at the bottom of the page shows all the data entered correctly without any errors, and it has been successfully registered account Keck Messenger, igniting the site to a new page appears where many of the suggestions to add the addresses of friends registered in the cake application, etc. in your address list Us .
  • We choose our friends who want to add to the account, and then pull the word yes yes, and finally send us a congratulatory message on the site to join the application, and tells us that we have become a new free account, and that from which we can enjoy all the services it provides.

Delete Keck Messenger account

  • We open our application, and enter the settings menu.
  • Choose the account my account name, and make sure that the e-mail, which we introduced in opening an effective cake Messenger account in order to ensure the arrival of a message to us to confirm the deletion of the account, though not actually it's better to change it to avoid any problem hindering the success of the process of deleting the account.
  • Press on the word Reser Kik, and then turn to a new page, and we press the reset icon Cake Messenger.
  • Wait until a little show us a message confirming that we are asking us to cancel the account, and we press the OK icon.
  • We close the cake Messenger application, and we go to our browser.
  • We are writing in the search box the following link:, and will show us a new page where we write the registered e-mail account, and then put pressure on the Go Go icon.
  • Wait for several minutes until you reach us e-mail message includes a link disabled, and cancel the account.
  • We press to cancel the account link, and then put pressure on the Go Go icon in order to be cake Messenger account is disabled permanently.


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