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Create Account Tanggu

Application Tango supports both phones and tablet devices running the Android operating system (OS 4.0) and newer ones, and devices (iOS 7.0) and newer ones, can download the application Tango devices Alandroed through the following link: ( store / apps / details? id = com.sgiggle.production), and upload devices (iOS) via the following link: ( = 8), and the registration process are easy and need only a few seconds, and all it takes is the introduction of the current mobile phone number, and when you are finished recording the user will be able to use Tango immediately. [1]

Create an account on Tango Android devices

You can create Tango (Tango account) on devices running Android operating system (Android) through the following steps: [2]

  • Clicking on the application of the tango icon on the main screen of the device or in the list of applications, and it appears in red and white T inside a character color.
  • Enter the phone number in the allotted vacuum within the Welcome screen, then click on the check mark to continue.
  • Create profile with the help file your account Gmail (Gmail), Tango to automatically detect for Gmail user account on the device, the required information and fill in the profile, such as the first name and the name of the family, as Tango provides another option for filling profile using the Facebook account and can go to him by clicking on the option of getting from Facebook (get from Facebook).
  • Clicking on the check mark to complete the account creation.

Devices that support the application of Tango

It can be used for the application of Tango on both tablet devices that are running Android (Android), and devices iPhone (iPhone) devices iPad (iPad), and devices iPod Touch (iPod Touch), and must wishing to create Tanggu account first load the application from the servers main applications , such as: app store (app store), and market Android (Android market), and market Windows (Windows Marketplace), and the user can add contacts that you would like them to your Tanggu account, or as in Android devices can select a contact directly from the address book, [3] the registration process they are easy and takes only a few minutes, and all it takes is your mobile phone number. [1]

Pros and Cons of Tango

Positives that motivate many people to use the Tango is introducing its services free of charge, and they can also send text messages, make voice calls, and video calls without paying any amount, and the ability to run Tango via Wi-Fi internet and networks of third and fourth generation, as well as ease of use faced, and the cons of tango is represented in the low quality of voice calls and video at low network bandwidth, and the inability to communicate landlines and other applications with. [4]


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