Cook the lamb head way

Cook the lamb head way


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Lamb meat is considered one of the most meat that people want to address them in different recipes; Where the meat is considered the most important ingredient in many meals, so as to give it taste delicious recipes for all can not be bypassed or without it, as it is possible to cook other parts of the Lamb; Where not only is the meat only, it can, for example, a concoction of several parts of it, such as: head, or viscera, and others that liked many ingested, because they contain a lot of minerals to the body of useful proteins, which return to health benefits and preventable diseases.

We will review in this article is a simple and easy ways in which it is possible to cook the head of the sheep at home; Where some people turn to cook this recipe inside the house to add their own touches to it, so you must follow several steps.

The preparation of the head of the Lamb


  • Tablespoons of lemon juice (acid).
  • Head of lamb (fresh and has a medium size).
  • Five grains of tomatoes.
  • Three grains of onions.
  • Small spoon of salt.
  • Tran from the water.
  • Tablespoons of tomato paste.
  • An appropriate amount of spices to the food problem, and add as desired.

How to prepare

  • We wash the head of sheep and clean it well, and make sure it is completely clean, especially from the hair that we get rid of it.
  • We cut the head for four or six parts as desired.
  • We put the head in the pot (often used pressure cooker), and add to the amount of water.
  • Add water to the appropriate amount of salt, and a few spices, and let it complete on fire even cook half (half maturity required).
  • We are preparing a dish containing the appropriate amount of such vegetables: potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and many other items.
  • We are preparing the necessary mixture by mixing the amount of whole spices with each other, and we add to both the tomato paste, lemon juice, salt, and mix all these ingredients well with each other.
  • We dip the head in the vegetable dish, we needed spices, wet Ptetbilh.
  • We cover the head of aluminum chips, and enter it into the oven for an appropriate, even permeating the taste of spices completely.

We note that despite the delicious taste of the head of the lamb, but it contains a high percentage of fat, so it is necessary to avoid eating a lot and not to sustain it so as not to contribute to an increased proportion of fat within the body, which is due to the body a lot of disadvantages Kalasabh some diseases such as heart disease.


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