Conservation of natural resources

Conservation of natural resources


  • 1 Natural Resources
  • 2 Natural Resources Conservation 2.1 vegetation and livestock 2.2 Petroleum and its derivatives and metals 2.3 Water
  • 2.1 vegetation and livestock
  • 2.2 Petroleum and its derivatives and metals
  • 2.3 Water

Natural Resources

Natural resources are the elements that God created by the Almighty, in this planet to facilitate human life, such as vegetation, water, oil and Amishqath, as well as air, and these elements are divided into several sections according to regeneration, and sections are renewable resources such as vegetation, livestock, rain , resources and non-renewable, such as: minerals such as gold, aluminum, natural resources permanently, such as the sun's rays and the movement of the wind, as well as tidal movements, and undoubtedly must maintain these sources, vigorously because the neglect leads to contamination, and the entry into force of non-renewable, or extinction of renewable and especially if they have been dealt with brutally.

Conservation of natural resources

Vegetation and livestock

  • A system for grazing livestock, so warns on livestock breeders graze their cattle continuously in a particular area, which leads to the lack of vegetation in this region, so it is better to divide the grazing area for several sections, so grazing cattle shepherd cattle period of Aalzimn in each section, and this aware of the opportunity to re-plant growth, and this method helps to spread the plants on a larger scale, through the transmission of pollen outstanding livestock, or through the plant seeds in this animal waste.
  • Prevention of a particular type of hunting animals brutally and continuously, so as not to become extinct this kind of animals, and in the case was one of the animal species exhibit extinction must work to put the animal in a protected, and create full conditions that help him to reproduce.
  • Use the drip system to irrigate crops so as to maintain the strength of the plants, and to protect them from the emergence of weeds as a result of the many water, or soil erosion which leads to reveal its roots.
  • Put deterrent penalties for the destruction of vegetation, Kadharam fire in the trees dense area, or logging significantly to the objectives of profitability such as construction of residential buildings, or for the use of wood in wood industries, it must be refined wood products, to reduce the use of timber trees.

Petroleum and its derivatives and metals

  • Use the movement of water and wind to produce energy rather than relying on oil and its derivatives.
  • Make people aware of the importance of the economy in the consumption of electricity, the rooms as close lights that do not have one, and to turn off the lights in the daytime, and use the washing machine, for example, once every three days, and so on.
  • State providing solar cells, and used on lighting poles in the streets, these streets at night for lighting, instead of using electricity lighted, it is possible to distribute solar cells on the roofs of houses to produce electric power, rather than using fuel production.
  • The work of re-processing of metals and to reduce the use of raw minerals in nature.


  • Water treatment and wastewater use in the industrial and agricultural uses.
  • Spreading awareness among the people on the importance of water and methods of rationalization in use, it is possible to spread awareness using media advertisements or seminars or meetings in schools, Kgsl clothes at once, and obviously two or three times a day and tap water should be mild.
  • Artesian wells separated by a remote from cesspits, to take advantage of rain water rather than she went in vain.
  • Deterrent penalties for those who put the dumping of waste and wastewater in water sources.


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