Collective Youth Games ideas

Collective Youth Games ideas


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  • 1.1 Cultural Games
  • 1.2 Sports Games
  • 1.3 Social Games
  • 1.4 Focus Games
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Collective Youth Games ideas

There are a good number of games recreational and cultural group that satisfy the needs and desires of young people, and are Tstifaa as follows: [1]

Cultural Games

Collective cultural games on drawing competitions and the arts to promote creativity include, [2] In addition to cooking competitions that contribute to adult education cooking healthy meals, [3] and panel discussion that will help give young people the freedom to express issues of concern to mind. [4]

Sports games

There are several activities that can be played collectively, most importantly, football, where the advantage of sports active role in the strengthening of the body, increasing flexibility, as well as to strengthen the muscles and a number of health benefits of getting rid of fat, and reduce stress, lower cholesterol levels and maintain health heart. [5]

Social Games

Means the games that are carried out between the others and strengthen ties and social relations and break the deadlock prevailing around, the following are a few games can be played in groups: [6]

  • Bingo Game, is one of the games using their own lists and cards, and are played in groups.
  • Game storytelling, through telling stories of young people can take the lessons and stories from the judgment of others.
  • Game Imagine events, this game works to strengthen the imagination of young people, and enables them to get an idea of ​​what they can do in the future.
  • Game discovery lies, through which knowledge of people's ability to fabricate lies.

Focus Games

An example of focus games chess game played by usually two, on a patch containing two colors contradictory, usually be black and white, divided into squares (8 long, and 8 offer) a total of 64 square, everyone has an army composed of 16 pieces (king, queen, and a pair of knights, and a pair of castles, and a pair of bishops, and eight pawns), where usually begins white playing, and then followed by black, and thus in turn is even one of them to bring the king of the other player, declaring victory, and this game ends. [7]


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