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Arabic site is meaningful and wonderful recommend everyone to read his articles and pages it puts site Articles unique and meaningful talk about all aspects of civilization so that the civilization Islamic Arab best, remember aspects of civilization moral and spiritual, and Material, and is more interested in Islamic civilization and comparing it to other civilizations.

And also it aims boil promoting dialogue at various levels, both among the sons of the Arab nation Islamic and among them, or Islamic civilization dialogue with other civilizations.

The site allows many images, articles and videos interesting and fun And renewable, and which give rise to the Arab reader's curiosity and supervisor of the site and increase His culture and his love for his nation and his ambition to prevail and develop its civilization.

The appearance of the site it is a beautiful and uncluttered manner that draws attention is divided, where topics and Latest Articles show and there is also the most beautiful photo gallery and behind each picture and the story Essay, in addition to the order of topics in the corner of other secured either by the principles and Values ​​or behavior and treated or science and technology.

And as it allows the angle in which each book puts a period to be loaded and book The The content of purposeful as this method stimulates the Arab follow-on reading in books and Not limited to articles and videos to get the culture and information.

The one corner of the site dedicated to literature and called this angle, "the words"

And allows the site to communicate with him through Facebook and Twitter.

We thank preparers for this site because they provide the benefit of this nation and wish them progress and Wait for them is more and better.


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Successfully sent, thank you!

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