Chrome search engine

Chrome search engine


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  • 1.1 features Google Chrome
  • 1.2 version of Google Chrome
  • 1.3 idea of ​​Google Chrome
  • 1.4 Registration in Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Search Chrome engine is characterized as a web browser engine monopoly, as well as it works on many systems of different operating, where it was developed based on the browser with open source, which is known as containing many components ready-made, and remained using this version until the access issue twenty-seventh , except versions related to IOS (system), and since the work began Balasaddarh twenty-eighth, the use of Google Chrome Blinc, a modification for (and cried).

Google Chrome features

Google Chrome is characterized as designed according to many criteria and considerations task, Kalthbat, and speed in the completion of work, and security, in addition to the method of use which is characterized by simplicity and superior ease, and is one of the browsers that allows the user to use the Arabic interface.

Google Chrome version

The version of the beta version of Google Chrome in 2009, and specifically in the seventh month of the day in October, in addition to the released version of Windows program that holds the figure (, in addition to the special version Pmak and Linux which carry the number (, where Google has released a book electronically, in explaining his mission to help the site strictly, the main causes of the promulgation.

Google Chrome idea

Google's Chrome browser was created effectively, when confronted with a specialist team Google workers Gear, the problem of browsers that use thread and one for the implementation of all processes, illustrated by the following example: In the case has been opened page with JavaScript, it leads to the suspension of all business carried out until the treatment is marked by special Balskrebt process finishes, which leads to the exposure of viewing pages sharp slow, and here came the first idea to create a browser Google Chrome.

Registration on Google Chrome

In order to be access to Google Chrome, and enjoy all the features and services it provides, you must do a simple registration process, and require only some of the steps, and these steps are:

  • Pressure on the (Google Chrome) icon on the device available to the user.
  • Pressing the button that contains (user name) or persons, available on the upper side of the left.
  • Click on the option (recording) for Google Chrome.
  • Pressure on the (Settings), and then customize your synchronization settings.
  • Fill out the information that the user wants to fill them, and share them through other devices registered in Google Chrome.
  • If the use of inter synchronization traffic, so as to protect the user information, it requires the user to enter a special password by doing the process of logging in, and in the case was forgotten this word, it requires reset to sync.


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