Chinese rule

Chinese rule

Looked ancient Chinese thinking to human philosophical outlook, and hopes his presence and his life, and spiritual care of morals and values ​​that should be enjoyed, and told us several rule covering all aspects of life and areas, and we will remember you in this article, some of these rule.

The rule of Arts

  • It was said in the apology etiquette: Do not hesitate to those who regretted erred in his right and see his eyes and make him recite the word sorry.
  • It was said in the ethics of treatment: Do not judge a person from his relatives; Man did not choose his parents, let alone his relatives.
  • It was said in the ethics of life: Do not make fun of others rosy dreams and beautiful, especially you think they are less than ordinary good, it may be the status of your server when Allah the highest and the highest you and Alia many people, and do not underestimate dreams; Valdnaa without them dry and boring journey whatever reality is nice.
  • It was said in the ethics of dialogue: Think about a lot and concluded a long, talked a little, and do not ignore what you hear, but had saved; It is certain that you will need in the future.
  • It said in friendship: Do not let small things ruin your friendship with other precious real human beings on the crown of Friendship is heads, do not realize only residents of empty walls and empty hearts.
  • It was said in the modern etiquette: when you do not want to answer the question of the means optimistic, saying: Do you think it really is important to know that?
  • It was said in the ethics of love: If you like someone, go to him and tell him you love him, and if you really mean what you say it will know the truth just by looking in your eyes.
  • It was said in the ethics of the struggle in life: When you lose a tour of the journey of life do not lose experience and get up immediately the first degrees of success jubilantly declared.

Miscellaneous rule

  • Do not be ashamed that you do not know, but ashamed than not being studied.
  • The most precious things in the world: science, food and friendship.
  • Drop a drop above the sea, and wisdom over the wisdom of science.
  • The beauty of the bird in the feathers, and the beauty of the man in his knowledge.
  • About the time of the underestimated time.
  • The man who does not learn, like the barren land that do not germinate anything.
  • The bigger the spike bent, and as the world deepens humility.
  • Armed mind science, it is better that your body is adorned with jewels.
  • Confucius said: I have in life that I find between every two teachers.
  • The book window through which we look forward to the world.
  • Crocodile friend is not taking even asked him to tears.
  • Beware of women demerits reputation, but other women do not trust them.
  • A prolific science mine locked and his key mind.
  • He married a fluent conversation, when advancing your age will know the importance of that when it becomes the one you love to talk with the top of your priorities and interests.
  • Women Kgam rarely find faithful friends.
  • The house where the hen engaged in the work of your parents becomes to ruin.
  • Who goes to the court and earns a cat loses a cow.
  • When the phone rings smiled and you receive the handset; Because the interlocutor on the other side will see your smile through your voice tones, and will not be good if the call Ograk honey Haviva even if you advise you the truth dear.
  • The coward will find thirty-six solution to his problem, but there is only one solution like them.
  • Lee was a landmark day for me tomorrow is always a friend.


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