Characteristics of animals

Characteristics of animals


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the animals'

Is a major group in the world of living organisms, and the kingdom is considered vital independent in itself, and all the animals that belong to the animal kingdom is able to move and respond to various environmental changes.

Animals from multicellular organisms are also considered, and are classified as consumers in food chains because they feed on plants and animals, including animal kingdom three groups, a carnivorous animals that depend in their diet to eat meat and other animals such as tigers and lions, and another group of herbivorous animals are those that They feed on different types of plants and herbs, including algae, and these animals cows, sheep, horses, and many others, while the third group are multi-food animals which fed on meat and plants together.

Characteristics of animals

There are very large numbers of animals and we will mention in this article, a number of them, knowing that animals differ in their characteristics from each other and in the nature of their behaviors in food, reproduction, breeding herds and organizing groups and the most important animals and their characteristics include:


Horses ages ranging from 20 to 30 years, characterized by horses, especially Arabian horses, sharp intelligence, and their ability to easily learn, as well as their ability to distinguish its owner and responsible for them, as well as rapid skill in running.

Horses were used in wars and battles as a means of rapid mobility and durability, where horses have emerged in Africa during the invasion Hyksos before nearly 15 BC, and was intended to carry out dragging carts loaded with persons and goods, and the horse was naked riding back without saddle or bridle, where He knew it late in the 19th century and became used for agricultural matters.


Are species of predators, and is famous for its Bhrasthe, and characterized by wolves fulfilling and devotion to life partner, as well as cunning and cunning known, and is one of the most talented animals in the hunting process, between the ages between 16 and 20 years old, which is an animal with a Enfé he does not eat carrion whatever level hunger suffered, and the severity of his loyalty to his wife, he is saddened by her death when a lot was sadness and Aoelh lasts several months.


Ages between 14 ranges to almost 15 years, and characterized the Tigers as her dignity do not eat from hunting other never, in addition they are characterized by rapidly anger, and strength when predation, as it destroys the prey by biting the neck, and has a high skill in swimming they can catching fish with ease, it has been attacking boats to get food.

The elephants

Are animals not predators reach weights to 12 tonnes, ranging in age between 60 to 70 years, and characterized that have a strong memory too and do not forget events that have occurred in the distant past, and although it is an animal is a predator but the black feared and Takaffha, and can elephants swimming all easy as it is used Khrthomha to breathe and is under water, as a, here do not like to pay attention they want to pass through things and confront them.


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