Causes vomiting after eating

Causes vomiting after eating


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  • 1.1 causes vomiting after eating
  • 1.2 cases require medical intervention
  • 1.3 treatment of vomiting
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The problem of vomitus

Some Sometimes people suffer from the problem of vomiting after eating eating immediately, even when you drink small amounts of water, may be the interpreter if the person is suffering from colds or MRSA, but in the case of vomiting without any reason mentioned here should see a doctor to find out the underlying causes behind it, and in this article we will mention some of these reasons are likely her treatment and the symptoms associated with it.

Causes vomiting after eating

A person may face a feeling of nausea after eating, especially if it has a viral infection in the stomach, vomiting may also occur during the cases of food poisoning, lock intestine, appendicitis, migraine, and the incidence of germ in the stomach. The following is the precise details of cases of vomiting after eating:

  • Nausea: The main causes of nausea are severe pain as a result of the injury wound is, pregnancy in the three first months, motion sickness, indigestion, food poisoning, exposure to toxic chemicals.
  • Daily life style: can the lifestyle of the person and the things daily by the continuous vomiting, especially after eating meals leads, for example, large amounts of alcohol consumption cause damage to the lining of the intestine or may react with stomach acid, and both cases lead to nausea and vomiting .
  • Eating disorders: Kalasabh bulimia or anorexia, in both cases the food eaten in the wrong way, these cases Tadian feeling of nausea and vomiting after eating immediately.
  • Serious cases: These cases may cause vomiting when a person, such as meningitis, appendicitis, and concussion of the brain, brain tumor, migraine headache, and the doctor's diagnosis is always appropriate to describe her treatment.

Cases requiring medical intervention

In some cases, you must obtain immediate medical intervention if the patient is under the age of six years, and if he was suffering from the following symptoms also beside vomiting:

  • Vomiting and diarrhea at the same time.
  • The appearance of symptoms of dehydration on the skin Kaltjaaid, irritability, weak pulse, or low awareness.
  • Vomiting for two hours or three hours.
  • High temperature dramatically.
  • Not to urinate for more than six hours.

Treatment of vomiting

Are vomiting treatment usually taking medicine that is prescribed by a doctor, and can relieve symptoms also at home by eating light foods that do not contain fat foods such as bread, crackers, drinking cold fluids, eat small meals and divided throughout the day, drink a cup of ginger tea.

Video causes vomiting after eating

Some people sometimes suffer from the problem of vomiting after eating immediately, what are the reasons for this? :


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