Causes the ozone hole

Causes the ozone hole


  • 1 ozone-depleting substances
  • 2 How ozone hole occurred
  • 3 Protection of the Ozone Layer
  • 4 References

Ozone-depleting substances

Considered ozone-depleting substances (ODS) one of the main causes of the hole in the ozone layer, which are chemicals collectively between CFCs differ (CFCs), and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), halons, methyl bromide, methyl chloroform, and other man-made chemicals usually are used in refrigerants, fire extinguishers, solvents, pesticides, and the like. [1]

How the ozone hole occurred

A process that begins the depletion of the ozone layer as a result of the arrival of depleting its chemical compounds to the upper layers of the atmosphere, then these compounds are affected by high powered UV to break ties thus exposing and liberated chlorine atom, whereupon the atom analyzed ozone molecules significantly; As a single atom of chlorine ability to analyze approximately 100,000 molecule ozone In addition, these chlorine atoms are subject to the possibility of re-created again in interactions later, and in the same way, the destruction of halons compounds leads to the release of bromine atoms free cause impact on the ozone layer in the same way affect chlorine atoms. [2]

Protection of the Ozone Layer

Addresses the following points to display some individual strategies that benefit followed in the protection of the ozone layer: [3]

  • When you want to buy air-conditioners and cooling it is advisable to search for devices that do not rely on Alheidrokhloflorih vehicles as material cooling.
  • Careful work of regular maintenance of air-conditioners to prevent leakage of cryogenic materials.
  • Work on the recycling of refrigerated Alheidrokhlorovloah materials used in cooling devices when refurbished, and configure these devices to work on refrigerated materials other than those that deplete the ozone layer.
  • Attention when auto cooling equipment maintenance on the recycling of refrigerated vehicles properly; To prevent causing Bnfetha in the air.
  • Work on the choice of jet products that do not rely on carbon or Alheidrokhlorovloah vehicles as materials driving.


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