Causes the body shiver

Causes the body shiver


  • 1 body shiver 1.1 Types of Tremor body 1.2 Reasons 1.3 diseases cause the body shiver 1.4 Treatment
  • 1.1 Types of Tremor body
  • 1.2 Reasons
  • 1.3 diseases cause the body shiver
  • 1.4 Treatment

Shiver body

It is a vibration occurring in different places in the human body Kaldhirain and feet, as a result of various factors leading to the occurrence, both frequently and patients or sudden and accidental.

Types of Tremor body

  • Standing (Flicker) Core: a Shiver that result does not occur to the injury of a disease or an imbalance in human health, and occur gradually increases when exposed to psychological and physical pressures, or when drinking stimulants, or the feeling of heat or extreme cold, often this type occurs in hand, head, and sound, these flickers and evolve as human progress with age.
  • Flicker is essential: a tremor occurring as a result of infection or other causes, which disappear when the cause may occur throughout the body.

the reasons

  • Genetic and genetic factors in the event of injury basic shivery.
  • Not to balance the amount of sugar in blood and fall dramatically.
  • The body's need for food is.
  • A symptom of taking certain medications.
  • Unrest in the nerve injury as a result of atherosclerosis.
  • Fever.
  • Lack of balance of the body due to the relaxation of nerves.
  • In the event of seizures, which lead to severe tremors throughout the body.
  • Incidence of certain diseases.
  • Feeling very cold.
  • Flicker in the eyelid, which occur due to the imbalance nerves, and the occurrence of high pressure on the eye.

Diseases cause the body shiver

  • Parkinson's disease, which causes tremors in the hands, arms and facial area, and occurs as a result of the injury nervous disorder.
  • Multiple sclerosis, which causes tremors in the limbs and head area, the genital area, and tongue, which is the result of disturbances in nerve cells, defect in sight or lost, in addition to a defect in the process of walking may cause this.


  • Treat the causes of non-core Flicker.
  • Treatment by some anti-spasm medication, or sedatives.
  • Treatment of Tremor sound through the injection "Botox".
  • Treatment through the exercise of some exercise, so that the injured from Badilath control.
  • Treatment by conducting some surgeries.

The patient can live with Flicker in case you do not have any cause obvious or treatment can get rid of them, but he must do some correct behaviors in his life so that reduces the impact on his health and psychological, Kalaptaad about caffeine intake, not eating too much alcohol , and not to be subjected to psychological pressure and fatigue of the body dramatically, daily sleep enough, self-confidence and the indifference of others look to the injured.


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