Causes swelling of the feet when the elderly

Causes swelling of the feet when the elderly


Swelling of the feet of the most common problems that afflict many people, this case affects all categories and ages, but they abound when older people, and the more human progress in the age swelling is increasing in the feet, as a result of the occurrence during the functions of the body, and exposed the great age of injury many of the diseases that lead to it, such as diabetes.

Causes swelling of the feet

There are a variety of reasons that lead to swelling in the feet area, namely:

  • The presence of large amounts of stored water in the body, due to not eating adequate amounts of water needed by her body, and therefore retain any amount of the intervention of the body even if they are very few, and with the passage of time this water collects inside the body does not come out of any amount overpaid, leading to the injury of swelling in the feet, and to solve such a problem must be done to take large amounts of water and that her body needs, the excess to be able to take out of them and not retaining and Tkhozaha within the body.
  • Great age suffered any injury or injury lead to swelling of the feet, which arise from the twisting of the foot muscles, or blood vessels of the state of rupture, which leads to redness and swelling in the feet area displays, and when the injury so should the work of appropriate procedures for the treatment of these wounds ; Because the great age of his body is weak and unable to any wounds or swelling.
  • Inflammation of the joints of the body, this case is one of the most cases that affect the elderly, and work on the occurrence of pain in all joints of the body, and leads to a tumor in the feet elderly, especially when injury or rheumatism exposure to any shock to the feet.
  • Infection that causes swelling Balenkers in the feet area, which results from the accumulation of acid in Alujrk present in the body fluid, occurs when eating certain gout foods.
  • Sitting for long periods of time without doing any effort, especially when the elderly and disabled who are unable to carry out any activity in their lives, leading to an increase in body weight; Because they get food, without doing burning through the movement, which leads to swelling of the feet.
  • Vascular dysfunction and disorder injury, resulting from exposure to these vessels is abnormal Kalasabh stroke, which leads to lack of access and the necessary amount of blood L feet, and thus tumors occurring in the feet.
  • Elderly people infected with many diseases occurring defect in the body's functions, so that it becomes unable to perform its functions as normal, Kaldguet, sugar and other diseases that impede the functions of the body functions found for, and thus exposed the feet of the tumor and swelling.

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