Causes swelling of the feet of men

Causes swelling of the feet of men


Swelling of the feet of common symptoms, especially in people who spend a long time they stood on their feet, occurs swelling as a result of the accumulation of fluid inside the muscle cells in the feet, and swelling does not pose any risk to human health as long as it does not suffer from other symptoms, usually accompanied by swelling of the feet ease the pressure on Jdahma, and as soon as the pressure back place swell as it was, and the color of the skin becomes pale, it is possible to have red skin color dark, swollen feet and a range of reasons.

Causes swelling of the feet

  • Lymphatic vessels in the skin under inflation, or because of these vessels exposure to problems, or because of exposure to the lymph gland problems, or removed after the treatment of cancer patients with radiation therapy, it should be noted that the lymphatic fluid and protein is found in the blood vessels.
  • Exposure of the feet or ankles injury, such as rupture of the ligaments that are working on keeping the ankle as a result of being exposed to twisting, treating this type of swelling is put compresses of cold water on the feet, then they use a bandage pressure, must foot lift on a chair or cushion so as to facilitate the movement of blood and where fluid, and care must be taken to reduce traffic on the feet until healing.
  • Venous insufficiency, swelling of the feet a symptom of venous insufficiency, and in this case the patient has difficulty returning blood from the feet to the heart, as well as an imbalance in blood flow properly, resulting in this imbalance of fluid deposition at the bottom of the feet, and a defect in the work of valves, veins, and often accompanied by venous insufficiency, skin ulcers, as well as a change in color.
  • Infections such as foot infection, is the people who are suffering from a neurological disease in the feet and diabetic neuropathy more people exposed to this, such as infection, so they constantly scan their feet, to look for any sores or blisters.
  • Blood clot when a blood clot occurs in the veins, hinders the return of blood from the feet to the heart, and thus swell feet, and divide strokes into two parts, namely, deep clots, such as clots lungs Ookulb, and clots superficial and these clots occur in the blood vessels under the skin.
  • A malfunction in one of the members responsible for regulating the fluid in the body, such as kidney, liver, heart, for example, suffered liver problems affect the secretion of the protein albumin, which works on balancing fluid in the body, and the consequent low level in the body's accumulation of fluids in both feet and ankles .
  • Eat some medical drugs, which is a symptom of side swelling of the feet, such as steroids diabetes drugs and antidepressants.
  • obesity.
  • Progress in age.
  • Eating large amounts of salt, malnutrition.
  • Inflammation of the joints of the feet.
  • Varicose veins.
  • Burns.
  • Surgery on the foot.

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