Causes pain legs

Causes pain legs


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Legs pain

Usually it has legs pain caused by inflammation in the bone or ligaments (in English: Ligaments), or muscle, or blood vessels (in English: Blood Vessels), or nerves, or skin. Some diseases and physical injuries may lead to inflammation that causes pain legs. The different nature of the pain and symptoms depending on the cause; The patient may feel pain at rest, or sleep, or when you exercise, in a part of one leg, or leg in full, or in both legs. In addition, it is possible to be continuous or intermittent pain, sudden or Mstda gradually, usually accompanied by some other symptoms of pain: Kaldaf, sedation, feeling vasospasm or pulsed pain in the leg (in English: Throbbing). Although the pain may be mild distress in many cases causing a slight annoyance to the injured, but it may be severe in other cases and causes disability and natural walking movement of the infected. [1] [2]

Causes pain legs

Muscle spasm

In general, there are many reasons that may lead to the feeling of pain in the legs, and perhaps the most prominent muscle spasms (in English: Muscle Cramps); It bouts of pain and feeling spasms in the lower part of the leg, and are usually caused by drought (in English: Dehydration), or lack of some salts in the body: calcium, potassium and sodium, and has some types of medications lead to muscle spasms: Kmadrat urine (in English: diuretics) and Antihypertensive drugs for cholesterol (in English: Statins). It should be noted that the muscle spasms are usually produced when increasing the pressure on the leg; As is the case when the exercise of high intensity, or when the survival of the muscle in the same position for a long period of time. [3] [4]

Physical injuries

In fact, leg pain may be sharp (in English: Acute); Any sudden and short-term, as it is the case in most of the physical injuries, or intensify gradually in some cases of bodily injury when continued exposure to the factor leading to pain or if you do not get the proper rest and treatment. The following is a statement of some of the most important physical injuries that lead to pain in the leg: [4] [5]

  • Muscle tension: (English: Muscle Strain) can lead the continued expansion of fatigue and muscle to rupture the fibers causing muscle tension. It should be noted that this type of injury is usually in the larger muscle size, such as the muscles of the soles of the knee (in English: Hamstrings), or duck leg (in English: Calf), or thigh muscles (in English: Quadriceps).
  • Inflammation of the tendon: (English: Tendinitis) muscles are associated with the bones through tendons, tendon inflammation leads to the difficulty in moving the joint (in English: Joint) injured. The inflammation usually affects the muscles of the soles of the knee or may occur near the heel bone.
  • Piezo fractures: (English: Stress Fractures), a small fractures in the leg bones usually affects the greatness of the Kasbah (in English: Shin Bone) and cause pain.
  • Splints cenemial: (English: Shin Splints) a pain surrounding the greatness of the Casbah; Located in the front of the lower leg, and produces an increase in the use of fatigue and this part of the leg. Usually these are the most common injury in athletes. [6]
  • Inflammation Fibrosis knee: (English: Knee Brusitis) knees containing bags filled with fluid can cause some injuries Balthabha, and may result in inflammation in the knee bags for exposure to infection (in English: Infection). [7]

Health disorders

In general, the leg pain may be related to bones and muscles, as may be nervous (in English: Neurological) or associated with disorder of the blood vessels (in English: Vascular), and although the treatment may be simple and at home in many cases, but some cases may require medical intervention. The following are the most prominent mention of health disorders that may lead to the legs pain: [4] [5] [8]

  • Deep vein thrombosis: (English: Deep Vein Thrombosis) which is the occurrence of a blood clot (in English: Blood Clot) in the deep veins of the leg, and the most serious complications of deep venous thrombosis is the possibility of transmission of clotting to one of the lungs.
  • Peripheral artery disease: (English: Peripheral Artery Disease) peripheral artery disease may lead to a narrowing of the arteries in the legs, which reduces blood flow to it, and leads to the patient feeling similar pain spasm in the calf or thigh, or buttocks. It should be noted that peripheral artery disease usually causes paler in the infected leg, as well as to increase their sensitivity to pain.
  • Sciatica: (English: Sciatica), a irritability or excessive pressure on a nerve connecting between the spine and leg. Usually accompanied by sciatica (in English: Sciatic Nerve) Numb in the leg, in addition to the feeling of weakness and heartburn.
  • Arthritis: (English: Arthritis) In addition to the pain it is possible that the arthritis causes swelling and redness in the affected area, which is usually a knee or hips.
  • Slipped disc: (English: Slipped Herniated Disk) and produces a sliding one existing disks between the spine (in English: Spine) for his place, which could lead to increased pressure on the surrounding spinal cord nerves, and thus the feeling of pain in the arms or legs.
  • Diabetic neuropathy: (English: Diabetic Neuropathy), a defect in the nerves as a result of diabetes (in English: Diabetes) and the continuous rise in the rate of glucose (in English: Glucose) in the blood. It is often a result of pain and numbness Alkhaddran resulting from the disease. [1]
  • Gout: (English: Gout) causes high Alhiurk acid ratio (English: Uric Acid) in the body injury with some type of arthritis known as gout; As a result crystals inside the joint and around. Usually causes gout severe pain and swelling in the ankle area and knees. It should be noted that gout usually affects men by more women. [9]

'Video men causes pain

The feeling of pain in this region is common, they are prone to many injuries! What are the reasons for men pain? :


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