Causes of Breast Cancer

Causes of Breast Cancer


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Overview of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer (known in English: Breast cancer) as the disease grows in which breast cells format out of control, and different types depending on the cells that it begins with the form of cancer, and often starts in the lobules (in English: Lobules) or channels (in English: Ducts), since the breast three main parts Taatcafl with each other to give the breast its shape and function; Valvsasat are the glands that produce milk, and channels are the tubes that carry milk from the lobules to the nipple, and connective tissue (in English: Connective tissue), which consists of fatty and fibrous tissue is function, enclose breast parts and combined together, and it should be noted that breast cancer may be transmitted to parts other body through blood vessels and lymph, then it is said that the cancer has spread in the body, [1] and referred to the importance of early detection of breast cancer and modern approaches to the understanding of breast cancer and its treatment in reducing rates associated with cancer mortality breast. [2]

To learn more about breast cancer can read the following article: (What is breast cancer).

The causes of breast cancer

Breast cancer occurs when they break down functions that control the growth of breast cells and divided as a result of a change in the nature of the DNA or mutation in it, and although the role of the immune system is to kill these cells and destroy them, but some cells may escape the immune system grip is not eliminated in the usual stage for that of their life cycle, certified and grow on food and energy, so depriving the surrounding cells of growth, which leads to cell proliferation is difficult to control, and the consequent constitute a tumor within the breast, and with this and that, it is still the main reason behind the breast cancer incidence is unknown, but there are factors that increase the risk of infection. [3] [4]

Breast cancer risk factors

The risk factor is known (in English: Risk factor) that anything may increase the likelihood of developing breast cancer, however, some women do not have any risk factors predict the likelihood of developing breast cancer except for their gender, but they may have contracted it, and it can be said that The presence of a risk factor or several factors which does not mean that a person will develop breast cancer, the need for, and vice versa. [2]

Risk factors for non-adjustable

The breast cancer risk factors can not be modified, the following statement to highlight these factors: [5]

  • To have sex is female; Where women are more likely to develop breast cancer compared to men.
  • Progress in age; Where an increased risk of breast cancer with age, especially after reaching the age of fifty. [6]
  • Genetic mutations or what is known as inherited genetic changes that increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women; Specifically Jenny (BRCA1) and (BRCA2), [6] According to a study published in the science journal Medical Genetics (English: Journal of Medical Genetics) in 2003 it accounted for 5-10% of cases of breast cancer are attributable to the two genes (BRCA1) and (BRCA2), [7] where these genes are characterized by high genetic association Bnfovetha increased risk of breast cancer and other types of cancers in men and women who have a mutation in these genes, it should be noted that cancer develops when the accumulation of mutations occur in those genes. [8 ]
  • Cases start early menopause; Any before it began the age of twelve, and cases of late menopause; Any interruption after the age of 55 years, and involves both cases, exposing women to the hormone estrogen (in English: Estrogen) for a longer period and thus increase the risk of developing breast cancer; On the hormone estrogen are secreted from the ovaries at puberty in order to regulate the menstrual cycle, but it stimulates the hormone in some cases, the growth of breast cancer cells and supports their development. [6] [9]
  • Breasts with high-density tissue, which contain inherently tissue connective more than fatty acids, which may increase the risk of breast cancer, and may make the possibility of observation tumors when mammography procedure (in English: Mammography) is difficult. [6]
  • Pre-infected women with breast cancer or certain types of breast diseases, non-cancerous, it makes them more likely to develop breast cancer in the future, hyperplasia Atypical is (in English: Atypical Hyperplasia) and cancer Alvsasa topical (in English: Lobulur Carcinoma In Situ) Examples of breast non-diseases cancer that increase the risk of breast cancer. [6]
  • Exposure to radiation therapy in the chest area or breasts before the age of thirty, may occur in cases of treatment of infection with Hodgkin's or what is known Blmovmh Hodgkin (in English: Hodgkin's lymphoma), which increases the risk of breast cancer later in life. [6]
  • The presence of a family history of breast cancer, and that is hitting a first degree relative to this type of cancer; Where is a mother's injury, or sister, or daughter, or even a male first class risk factor that increases the likelihood of women developing breast cancer, as well as the presence of several cases in the relatives more distant link, accounting for the proportion of breast cancers that have a risk factor linked to family history what accounted for 15-20% of the total cases of breast cancer, according to the same study referenced above and published by the Journal of Medical genetics in 2003. [6] [7]

Adjustable risk factors

Risk factors include breast cancer and adjustable following: [10]

  • Inactivity and lack of physical exercise activities.
  • Having the first child after the age of thirty, or lack of a pregnancy full of women so that absolutely has not been breast-feeding process. [10]
  • Excess weight, especially concurrent with the menopause, with the concomitant increase in the production of the hormone estrogen and thus Zbadh the risk of breast cancer. [9]
  • Drinking alcohol even though in small quantities. [9]
  • Use of oral contraceptives (in English: Oral contraceptive pills), research has indicated that its use is linked to the risk of breast cancer develops slightly, and indicated that the risk of breast cancer begins to decline as soon as you stop using these pills, and returns the level of risk to nature and to what it was before use these pills after stopping use ten years. [9]
  • Exposure to hormone replacement therapy (in English: Hormonal replacement therapy) after menopause in order to alleviate the symptoms of this stage, referred to as that caused by an increased risk of breast cancer associated with different types; Whether treatment with formulations containing estrogen and progesterone (in English: Progesterone) together, or those containing estrogen alone, with the need to emphasize that treatment with estrogen alone risk rate raises more, and mentions that the prolonged use of alternative hormones for a period of more than five years increases the risk rate and contributes to high even after ten years to stop using its survival, so you should talk to always a doctor to examine the status of Ms. before embarking on using hormone replacement therapy in order to benefit and risk assessment and take appropriate action accordingly. [11]


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