Causes cramping

Causes cramping


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It is an involuntary contraction of the muscle, and can occur in a single muscle in the body or in more than one muscle at the same time, and its occurrence is limited to a certain age; It may happen to everyone at any age, and this results in contraction of severe pain and inability to move the injured part, and fainting can occur in severe cases.

Symptoms of cramping

Symptoms of the most prominent is the feeling of sudden and severe pain, and the movement of concussion occur in the patient's body and limbs, muscle and become infected with a solid and visible under the skin, and may cause cramping high blood pressure suddenly; And in the case of injury to the muscles of the arteries vasospasm, it has become infected Aalchks asthma; As a result of the injury to the muscles of the trachea, and the incidence of colic in the stomach; As a result of the injury to the stomach muscles.

Causes cramping

There are many different causes of cramping, including:

  • An imbalance in the body's sodium level, through the lost body of salts as a result of excessive sweating.
  • An imbalance in the level of calcium, magnesium, and potassium in the blood.
  • Body material "Strychnine" poisoning.
  • Injury to children a strong fever or other disease.
  • Severe crying children with solitary breaths.
  • Muscle exercise continuously and strong like athletes.
  • Not to exercise the muscles for long periods.
  • High air temperature.
  • Imbalance in the blood supply to the muscles, as a result of the narrowing of blood vessels.
  • Occurrence of pressure on the nerve.
  • Incidence of diabetes.
  • Focus on the use of certain muscle in the body and continuously may cause cramping in this muscle.
  • Pregnant injury convulsions in the legs during the last months of her pregnancy, in addition to the occurrence of temporary uterine cramps.

Treatment of cramping

The first treatment, which is considered the most important step is to first aid to the injured, and through tightening the affected muscle and Tdena, can relieve the pain caused by cramping through the heating muscle, and supports treatment that will give him a doctor of the patient on the cause of cramping, Addressing the main reason will lead to the treatment of cramping and disposal from him.

Prevention of cramping

It can be taken some tips to prevent the occurrence of painful cramping, including:

  • Attention to drink large amounts of water, so that the body maintains fluid balance has.
  • Not stress the muscles in the form that causes them harm.
  • Do exercises tighten the muscles, especially before sleeping.
  • Provide the body with necessary vitamins and minerals helps to loosen muscles.
  • Not to engage in any physical activity in hot weather and under the sun's rays.
  • Attention to children when raising the temperature and reduction quickly.
  • Compensate for the lost salts in the body after excessive sweating.
  • Drinking green tea.

Video causes convulsions in children

Why children are exposed to spasm in the muscles of their bodies sometimes? :


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