Causes body pain and lethargy

Causes body pain and lethargy


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Body pain and lethargy

All individuals suffer especially muscle certain times of pain in the body, in any of the areas of the body, Kalzar, neck, limbs, and most of these pain affects a short period of time, while the influence of some of them for several months may extend in some cases, while known as the idle power of the body loss, and the inability to perform functions normally because of it, and inactivity on the body shows the difficulty in waking up and after the advancement of sleep, and the desire to return to it. [1] [2]

Causes body pain and lethargy

Causes body pain

Multiple causes of suffering from body pain, and is considered the flu One of the most common causes, and make physical exertion during walking or exercise, or even stand for long periods may cause the occurrence of pain in the body, while considered the pain that lasts for long periods of time an indication of the incidence of certain health conditions, and require monitoring, examination, and treatment by a doctor, the following is a statement of the main reasons that cause body pain for long periods of time relatively: [3]

  • Inflammation and infection: the cause of infection of bacterial or viral infection activates the immune system in the body, which sends white blood cells to the inflammation to fight bacteria zone or the virus that causes it, which leads to feeling the pain of muscles and stiffness, Examples of infection: influenza, colds and others. [4]
  • Some types of medicines: where eating some types of medications lead drugs to the occurrence of pain in the body, stiff muscles, and these drugs range statins (in English: Statins) used in the proportions of lowering cholesterol in the body, [5] In addition to blood pressure and other organizations. [4 ]
  • Muscular pain Allavi: a syndrome affecting the patient for a long period of time, and lead to the suffering of the body aches, fatigue, lethargy, difficulty sleeping, headaches, and other causes are that lead to infection by unknown, but it is associated with high chemical level of certain substances in the brain , which play a role in the nature of the central nervous system sending nerve signals. [6]
  • Drought: the lack of lead water in the body to several disturbance functions in the body, such as breathing and digestion, and cause suffering from physical pain as well, accompanied by droughts feeling of thirst, change the color of urine becomes dark, as a person may feel fatigue and dizziness, and cases cause dehydration of the body: suffering from diarrhea without drinking adequate amounts of water. [3]
  • Sleep disorders: Sleep basic need of the body's needs, being allow the body to repair the damage energy and compensation used, as it is necessary to keep the brain awake and active, human and needs to sleep for at least six to eight hours a day, and show several symptoms at the lack of sleep, including: suffering from body pain, poor concentration, memory, and comprehension skills and pronunciation. [3]
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome: (English: Chronic fatigue syndrome), a chronic condition of the feeling of fatigue and the inability to accomplish everyday tasks, has been accompanied by body aches, sleep disorders, and the presence of difficulty concentrating and thinking, dizziness, are the reasons behind the incidence of this syndrome is unclear, however, it believed there was more than one catalyst share of injury, and is considered persons between the ages of forty and sixty years, and females, and those with white skin, are more susceptible to them than others. [7]
  • Disease frequent subunit: (English: Mononucleosis), which is caused by infection Epstein-Barr virus, and associated infection frequently subunit with the feeling of fatigue and pain in the body, high temperature, and enlarged lymph glands, jaundice, allergy skin, and others. [3] [8]
  • Autoimmune disorders: These disturbances: lupus erythematosus (English: Systemic lupus erythematosus), and inflammation of the immune muscle, multiple sclerosis, which occurs in the case of suffering from disorders of autoimmune that the body's immune system is attacking some of the tissues of the body healthy, leading to hit hard. [4]
  • Other reasons: We recall, including: Stress and psychological pressure. [3] Anemia. [3] Vitamin D deficiency. [3] Arthritis. [3]
  • Stress and psychological pressure. [3]
  • Anemia. [3]
  • Vitamin D deficiency. [3]
  • Arthritis. [3]

Reasons for inactivity

Is accompanied by inactivity feeling the loss of energy and motivation, with a sense of physical and psychological fatigue, it was accompanied by also the desire to sleep and indifference, and multiple causes of the feeling of apathy, of which linked to the existence of satisfactory cases, some of which is the result of following the lifestyle or a particular diet and recall The following are the most prominent causes idle: [9]

  • Lack of certain vitamins: such as vitamin D, vitamin B12, iron deficiency, folate deficiency. [10]
  • Infection: such as infection frequently subunit, tuberculosis, influenza, malaria, and HIV infection cytomegalic, infection with HIV, and others. [11]
  • Suffering from metabolic disorders and endocrine: such as anemia, hypothyroidism, diabetes, kidney disease, liver, injury syndrome Cushing, a condition caused by excessive exposure to the hormone Alkotizul, the incidence of this disease and cause increased weight, and the incidence of disorders of the skin. [12] [10]
  • Heart disease and lung: such as heart failure, coronary artery disease, heart valve disease, the lung disease mismatch: asthma, pneumonia, and chronic disease pulmonary embolism (in English: Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease); It is a group of diseases that create difficulty in breathing, and include chronic bronchitis (in English: Chronic bronchitis) and emphysema (in English: Emphysema), and smoking is the cause of the main infection embolism, chronic pulmonary [13]. [10]
  • Eat some types of drugs: it causes eating some types of drugs therapeutic in the sense of apathy, and these drugs: antidepressants, medications anti-anxiety, and some blood pressure organizations, and antihistamines (in English: Antihistamine), and corticosteroids (in English: Steroids), and others. [ 11]
  • Incidence of certain mental disorders: such as: depression, anxiety, and disorders caused by alcohol intake of illegal drugs, eating disorders, grief, and others. [11]
  • Other: [2 reasons] [9] The intake of caffeine and alcohol. Obesity. The incidence of cancer. Malnutrition. Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.
  • Intake of caffeine and alcohol.
  • Obesity.
  • The incidence of cancer.
  • Malnutrition.
  • Suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome.


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