Cats hair loss

Cats hair loss


  • 1 Symptoms of hair loss cats
  • 2 reasons for hair loss cats
  • 3 prevention of hair loss and treatment of cats
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Symptoms of hair loss cats

  • Hair loss, hair loss may be different patterns, you may be in specific areas, or widespread. [1]
  • Normal skin may appear, or showing some abnormal signs, such as: redness, scars and many, and Pointed, peels, or may be exposed to the cat to the loss of the layers of the skin, known as ulceration, and some of the other symptoms that depend on the underlying causes of hair loss. [1]

Reasons for hair loss cats

There are several reasons for hair loss cats, including the following: [2]

  • Sensitivity: suffer cats from certain types of allergies, such as allergies to certain foods, dust, medicines, pollen, insect bites, and is the sensitivity of one of the major causes for the loss of cats hair, when infected cats in one of the cases of allergies are licking they provided even get rid of the itching, and be bald spots, and can be treated with this type of drugs.
  • Parasites: cause the presence of parasites, such as fleas, ticks, lice, mites itching for cats, and makes them lick they provided, causing sores and bald spots, and treatments are usually quick and easy.
  • Inflammation of ringworm: It is a fungal infection, and brand presence crusty ring of hair missing, determines your veterinarian creams or ointments, anti-fungal.
  • Stress and anxiety: The cats licking fur and scratch when you are tense, causing hair loss, doctors called this case the psychological Vixen name, Cats who suffer from it tend to lick the abdominal areas, sides and legs, this is very common among female native cats with neurological figures and can treat wounds in person or by consulting your veterinarian about providing antibiotics depressive, or changes in the environment.
  • Pain: cats suffering from arthritis may licking themselves in the place of pain.

Prevention of hair loss and treatment of cats

If hair falling cat or alopecia due to cause disorder in the skin, such as the erosion of the skin or the disruption of the thyroid gland, or other hormonal imbalances, can cure some topical medications and treatments available, but if the hair loss is due to the causes of behavior, you can work on the education of the cat to minimize problems, and may be for these limited cases, treatment options, where there is no proven ways to prevent hair loss in cats, but when you note that the cat licking her hair, prefer the work of examination for the skin and hair once a week at least, use ALL toothbrush hair can be divided so are scanned sections, when observing the scratches on the area of ​​the regions, attention should be, and consult your doctor about providing a safe topical treatment, to relieve pain and itching; Because once you get rid of the habit licking and scratching, biting, the cat will have a better chance of healing. [3]


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