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Cares about most people all the time what is known as towers, so the sometimes talk between friends axis, as keen them all to know the other tower, to the then draw the features of social relationship and to determine the compatibility of their degree, and this also applies to emotional relationships and choosing a life partner, and although some believes the impact of the towers on our personalities and our lives, others deny it, but astrology confirms that the date on which generates human determines the tower, which belongs to him, and helps to identify personal traits and the degree of compatibility with others, astrology is the most profound of all, not to be determined only by date of birth, but by the sun for the land of the time of birth. [1]

Known astronomical towers as the divisions of the sun or the path of the zodiac to the 12 departments, a number of towers that we know, and these towers are divided into four groups at the rate of three towers in each group, and as follows: [1]

  • Towers dirt: dirt towers include both: Capricorn, Virgo and Taurus, and is characterized by these towers are usually born of being realistic characters and reliable.
  • Aerobic towers: a Libra, Aquarius and Gemini, and is characterized by these towers very intelligent.
  • Water towers: the Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces, are these towers emotional and sensitive.
  • Fireworks towers: the Lion Tower, Sagittarius, and Aries, and the owners of these towers and passionate by nature tend to their instincts most often.


Capricorn is the tenth of the twelve constellations tower of the zodiac, symbolizes his serious symbol or goat, ruled by the planet Saturn, and it suits him among the gems stone red agate, and pass the sun of Capricorn in the period between the date of December 22nd to January 19 any that all persons who are born during this period belong to the Capricorn, a dirt floor or towers, and more general qualities that distinguish them are: determination, persistence, and determination, this is referred to as they are pragmatic people by nature. [2]

Features Capricorn

Born Capricorn has several positive qualities distinguish them from others and affect their lives, these qualities include the following: [3]

  • Mainly born in the tower practical method, they use intelligence and logic too much, and studying the facts before making a decision.
  • Enjoy the confidence of the owners of Capricorn tower high self, and their ability to put big goals in front of them and move forward to achieve them through the greatest effort possible, they love their ambition and always seek to achieve a good future for them and their families.
  • Born in Capricorn are characterized by mental maturity, awareness and wisdom, their friends usually tends to be consulted in many things and taking their advice.
  • Born Capricorn can be patient long until achieving his goal, he is patient and knows very well that the big goals take time to materialize.
  • Caution is one of the attributes of this tower also, in general Vmolod Capricorn is a rational person is impulsive and tends especially extreme caution in important matters.

Disadvantages Capricorn

As has born Capricorn has many positive qualities, they also have some negative qualities that may cast a shadow over their working lives and social, and the most negative qualities are: [3]

  • This tower owners tend to be pessimistic, deep in themselves tend to reduce their abilities or may feel inferiority sometimes making them feel pessimistic and negative regardless of all what they could achieve.
  • On the other hand, was born in Capricorn also feels often strongly their decisions and their health, and they see that their choices and their methods are ideal, and they rarely change their views.
  • Capricorn fluent communication with the other tower owners, but they are also known for their shame, which could affect their social life.
  • Some considered that Capricorn egocentric Tower for being preoccupied with himself, and adheres to his opinion and understands the impact of his decisions on his life.
  • Mood swings is one of the negative qualities born of Capricorn, you may find angry and shortly after you find smiling and happy, these mood swings experienced by the people may make it seem repulsive and irresponsible.

Capricorn women recipes

Characterized by women belonging to the Tower of Capricorn several specifications Tmiizen clearly, and include the following: [4]

  • Capricorn women learn from their mistakes but failed to be able to start again, they are always seeking to be successful in her work and her life, enjoying determination and strong will.
  • Capricorn women enjoy high confidence and entrepreneurial spirit, and the ability to follow up and continue to achieve dreams.
  • At work, is an ambitious woman who appreciates the hard work, a permanent focus on the future and seeks development in its work.
  • Capricorn women possess a lot of knowledge, but put a few of them in the circle of close friends, this woman is a strong supporter of her friends, but they can easily give up the people who underestimate respect.
  • Capricorn women may seem outwardly serious woman, but she has a heart inside a thin, always need love and attention.
  • In love, Capricorn women are looking for a man who has a strong personality and high self-confidence, and is seeking to build a lasting romantic relationship.
  • Capricorn women can create a warm family life, and make every effort to provide support to her husband and her children to be happy.
  • Capricorn women possess the ability to create compatibility between its role as a wife and between her role as a mother, as can also be concerned with at the same time her own life process.

Qualities of a man of Capricorn

There are some specifications that apply to the character of Capricorn man, can these specifications can be summarized in the following points: [5]

  • The man does not like serious risk, he is studying things well, and exhibits safe roads mature pace in order to reach its goals.
  • The man of Capricorn tends to realism and logic, not drifting behind the crazy ideas and dreamy.
  • Capricorn man is a traditional privilege of a man, and does not usually crazy things beyond the ordinary.
  • The man is dealing seriously with love too seriously, which believes in true love and not manipulated or deceived, and when he finds true love is struggling to maintain it.
  • Capricorn born men tower are always looking for stability and tend to sincerity in emotional relationships, and they can take responsibility and constitute a source of support and strength and protection partner.
  • The man has a serious long-term view of the various practical things, a practical and humble man and works very hard.
  • The man serious planning for the future brilliantly striking, he manages finances wonderfully, and plans to achieve physical safety in the future.
  • The man of Capricorn tends to build social relationships slowly, so hesitant onset, and gradually giving way to others to discover his personality, but he is proud of a lot in return Besdaqath close, and is keen to provide advice and assistance to his friends.

Capricorn agrees with the rest of the towers Tower

Agree Capricorn generally with Virgo Tower, Tower Taurus, Tower Scorpio, and Pisces, but in contrast, does not agree often with Leo, and Libra and Gemini and Aries, [6] and emotionally specifically, is the best partner for Capricorn Scorpio, can also be emotionally consistent with both Virgo and Taurus, Valjda always attracted to people more ambitious than others. [7]


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