Cancer woman defects

Cancer woman defects


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Cancer is a tower of water towers associated with the element of water, and is controlled by the planet's moon, belongs to him people who were born between June 21 until 22 July, the lucky number of their own, is the number four, and is compatible with born Cancer both Pisces and Scorpio, and his sign himself , but it is attracted to Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and is considered the owners of this tower extremely hung up at home, and prefer comfortable life, but their strengths lies in their intelligence and their way of life love. [1] [2]

Cancer woman defects

Cancer may possess a woman like any other tower towers some of the weaknesses in several high-profile aspects of her life, including the following: [3]

  • Hypersensitivity: It's easy to be exposed female cancer emotional blackmail, they are a human being very sensitive, tears streaming down easily, and in a state of anxiety is not justified in her life because of excessive sensitivity.
  • Mental chaos: Cancer woman living in a state of mental disorder, and mood swings as a result of memories of the past, which Tstzla now and then, and affect their ideas.
  • Personal childlike: a woman is considered cancer of women who need attention and care, such as adult children, they are also characters that are difficult to satisfy.
  • The difficulty of adjustment: characterized by a woman Cancer as a human being can not easily build relationships, they also face difficulty in adapting to environments that are different from their environment, and need a lot of time to adapt to others.
  • Pessimism: Cancer is characterized by female as many grumbling, pessimism, especially in the negative work environment, an organization in the implementation of the requested work, despite its discretion in reaching satisfactory results.
  • Isolation: Female cancer tend to take refuge from her isolation, when they arrive to the stage of anger, and the convergence itself. [4]
  • Do not forgive easily: If a woman was cancer to infidelity, or deception from someone they trust him blindly trust, they turn into an aggressive person, it is very difficult to forgive him or forgiveness. [5]

Features woman Cancer

Cancer appears on the personal qualities of some women that distinguish them from others, which can be observed, including the following: [6]

  • Sacrifice: sacrifice female cancer for people who love them, as initiated by any order in order to make them happy, and care about their needs and how to meet them, and have a permanent feeling of being responsible for their protection.
  • Passion: The woman is very emotional cancer in her life, as they tend to follow intuition in dealing with everyone, without thinking about logic or rationality, as they are thinking Bateftha and her heart only.
  • Sincerity: Sincerity is the recipe of the qualities that are characterized by female cancer, as it is sincere everyone gets their confidence, it is difficult to obtain this confidence from a woman of cancer, she warned him in a woman selected for those close to them.
  • Attachment at home: Female cancer find that home is a source of comfort and internal peace of mind to her, where one of the women that give her house a large part of attention, plus they prefer to live in remote areas for the inconvenience quiet, and near water bodies.
  • Motherhood: Cancer woman prefers to play the role of mother and having a lot of children, where he has special abilities in identifying the needs of their children before their request for anything, always seeking to achieve all of their wishes.
  • Femininity and beauty: a woman of cancer is characterized by the obvious qualities of femininity, including softness, distinctive taste in choosing her clothes swapping and elegance, even though they do not have the courage to keep up with high fashion. [7]
  • IQ: Female Cancer possesses intelligence and creative ability in the description, representation, and others gain the love of her, and is the intelligence of the strengths have to continue in the tender. [5]
  • Tough deception: Personal enjoys female cancer by force, and intuition that makes them feel as if the person in front of her lying or believe in the saying, it is very difficult to deceive, and also possess the skill to make the person in front of her to tell the truth, or telling her secrets its own. [5 ]
  • Diplomacy: Female avoid cancer problems involve themselves, or seek to find solutions to the problems of others, as always looking for safety and comfort, and be diplomatic in their dealings with others. [7]

Cancer woman love

Is considered a woman Cancer people emotionally, slender sense, loves madly, affectionate, and shy to express his feelings, or initiative disclose it, as always looking for the person who meets Ahtaajtha emotional, and is a partner someone lucky to attract a woman cancer must pay attention to several points can contribute to win her love, and these points do not attract all female cancer tower, including the following: [7]

  • Female cancer may tend to traditional ways to get close to them, as always focused on some moral values ​​when the partner in the relationship, such as honesty and sincerity.
  • Be careful attention to the precise details of a woman of cancer, and remember through their own events, and celebrate with them.
  • Female cancer prefer to be talking about the family axis, as things that may indicate Astltaf partner is to share family memories, and talking about her family members in particular.
  • Dealing with Cancer Female style and affectionate and warm, where this method is a good way too to win her heart, and strengthen the bonds of love with her. [8]
  • Prefer female cancer auctioneer, by offering surprises and gifts that are punctuated by roses, romance and poems that make them feel very happy, can also be invited to dinner by candlelight. [8]
  • Female cancer tend to partner who express his feelings now and then, and make the effort to gain satisfaction, tirelessly, it is difficult to get the confidence of a woman cancer. [8]
  • If you feel that female cancer is exploited through the relationship of love, they give up love, regardless of the extent of her love to the other party and hang it. [8]


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