Can you lose weight without sport

Can you lose weight without sport


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Lose weight without sport

Vowed a lot of popular diets (in English: Fad diets); Easy loss, quick weight, but weight loss health depends on increasing physical activity, as well as calorie intake control, [1] through the balance between calorie intake, which burns, and increases the weight consumption amount greater than the heat of those calories burn the body, the weight loss shall be by eating the number of fewer calories than those burned, it is worth mentioning that a healthy diet just does not guarantee weight loss, so regular exercise addition is considered healthy, and successful more, as advised exercising for thirty minutes a day at least, they have a long-term health benefits, which improves the quality of life. [2] [3]

Healthy ways to lose weight

You must reduce the number of calories needed by the body by 3,500 calories a week; Which is equivalent to 500 calories a day for the loss of approximately 0.45 kg per week, [4] and in some ways that help to lose weight in a healthy way comes: [5]

  • Reduce the intake of added sugar: since most people consume in abundance, studies have indicated that high corn syrup consumption of fructose (in English: High-Fructose corn syrup), and sugar is closely linked to an increased risk of heart disease, type II diabetes, in addition to obesity, it is worth mentioning that sugar is one of the worst ingredients in modern diets.
  • Drink water before meals: it is possible to drink water that helps to lose weight, through the strengthening of metabolic processes at a rate ranging between 24% to 30% in the period of an hour to an hour and a half of time, and noted one study that water helps people to deal with a number fewer calories, leading to a loss of 44% of their weight if they drink half a liter of it before the meal, half an hour, compared to people who do not drink water.
  • Drink black coffee: the studies have indicated that coffee content of caffeine can increase fat burning operations at a rate ranging between 10% to 29%, plus it may boost metabolism by 3% to 11%.
  • Reduce the intake of refined carbohydrates: as the intake of these carbohydrates is closely linked to obesity, since studies have shown that it may raise blood sugar quickly, which leads to increased consumption of food after a few hours, in addition to the feeling of hunger, increasing the cravings of food, and includes refined carbohydrates; Sugar, grains removed, including food and fiber from it; Kalmakronh, bread, so be sure to eat carbohydrates that contain natural fibers.
  • Eating too much fiber: as it is possible to increase the feeling of fullness, and helps to control weight in the long term.
  • A lot of eating fruits and vegetables: In addition to containing important nutrients for health; They contain a lot of fiber, few calories and calories, it also contains a large amount of water to make the density of these few calories, and thus be more saturated.
  • Eating protein for breakfast: Kalshovan, eggs, butter, nuts, quinoa, sardines, etc., since the protein can help the feeling of fullness, and regulates appetite hormones, often due to its ability to increase satiety hormones; Peptide YY (in English: Peptide YY), and Alchollsistochinin (in English: Cholecystokinin), and peptide-like Paljlokajon -1; Which is known for short as GLP-1, also reduces the hunger hormone ghrelin (in English: Ghrelin), and in the research conducted on young people show that the effect of these hormones may last several hours when eating breakfast is rich in protein. [6]
  • Get the premium enough sleep: the research indicated that lack of sleep affects metabolic processes; Which calories into energy, thereby reducing their effectiveness, and thus the body has stored calories is used in the form of fat, in addition to the lack of sleep leads to increased production of cortisol (in English: Cortisol), and insulin; Which speeds up the fat storage process. [6]

The importance of aerobic exercise

In addition to the importance of regular exercise in weight loss, there are many reasons that make them enhanced health, which lead to live better, in addition to giving it a sense, and look better, [7] Among these reasons are the following: [8]

  • Strengthen muscles and bones: as the exercise may help to increase muscle mass, strength, and maintain, and exercise during childhood and adolescence may help strong bones building, which leads later to reduce the loss of bone density caused by aging.
  • Reduce the risk of certain types of cancer: a cancer lung, breast, colon, uterus.
  • Help the body to regulate levels of insulin and sugar in the blood: the sport may reduce the risk of developing diabetes type II, and metabolic syndrome, may help regulate the people living with them.
  • Reduce the risk of heart disease: Kalnobh heart attack, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease (in English: Coronary artery disease), and by increasing blood flow, which in turn raises the oxygen level, and regular exercise improves the circulatory system, and strengthens the heart, In addition, it reduces the level of triglycerides, and blood pressure.
  • Improved mood and mental health: through the secretion of the body during chemical materials performance exercise, which may give a feeling of relaxation and helps to reduce the risk of depression, in addition to helping to deal with stress.
  • Help to quit smoking: through reducing withdrawal symptoms and desire severe, as it helps to reduce the weight gain resulting from quitting.


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