Butterfly growth stages

Butterfly growth stages


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Put adult female butterfly eggs in the spring or summer or fall depending on the butterfly type on the leaves of trees or close to them to make the eggs close to the source of their diet after they hatch, the female and put a large number of eggs to ensure the survival of a number of them alive, and characterized these eggs size very small. [1]


This stage begins when the larvae are small-like worms Balvks of eggs, and these are the larvae with a smooth texture or hair, and also they may be of one color or several colors, and when hatching are the larvae larger than the size of her egg slightly and then begin continuous eating to grow rapidly so very earn twice its size by almost double the percent, would also change its skin from 4-5 times during this stage due to the increasing growth. [2]


When you finish the larva stage and complete their growth and stop eating a new phase of her life begins a chrysalis, and at this stage spun larva around itself a cocoon of silk to protect themselves, have cocoons hanging there this under a hidden branch of the plant or may be buried underground, and inside the cocoon the larva shift from developed to another and grow cells in the larva quickly, which leads to the formation of the wings, legs, eyes, and while take this stage of a few weeks to a month to be completed in some species, but it may take longer periods of up to two years in other types. [ 1]

Butterfly adult

When Butterfly growth is completed in a cocoon they graduated and kicks off their wings outdoors, and is considered the primary task of the butterfly is the mating, shall discuss for a partner to complete the enrichment process, and then put the eggs on the trees or leaves there for her, to begin the life of butterflies cycle new, but the butterfly life in this short stage month may not reach. [3]

Video About Butterfly

Watch the video to know more information about Butterfly:


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