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  • ٢ Semantic
  • ٣ Safari
  • ٤ Mozilla's Firefox
  • ٥ Opera
  • ٦ Dolphin
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Was developed Chrome browser by Google global company, which has being put in 2008 AD, and the most important features to synchronize with other services offered by Google Inc., spell checking, Tabbed browsing, as well as providing translation service within the browser. [1]


Associated Semantic browser Web connectivity, and connects the data and diverse sources of data with each other as in linking regular web texts, and is available two types of this browser and two independent browsers and browsers designed specifically independent Web browsers other. [2]


Features browser Safari features the option to save web pages on a special menu can be opened when the loss of Internet connection, as well as it contains settings to prevent tracking sites, and the option of automatic display of the reader which works to remove the formatting and display images method or text simply. [3]

Mozilla's Firefox

User can Mozilla's Firefox browser to enjoy your status browsing that block access ads for the browser also prevents save any of the profiles or any of the links that are browsed, and assisted by the use of the browser to send the links between mobile phone and your computer. [3]


In addition to viewing the web pages of the Opera browser by pressing the images in order to be able to load within the shortest time, and provides the ability to zoom in on any web page to be able to see them better, it also prevents ads, and offers add any feature of the Web sites on the main screen of the device . [3]


Known browser Dolphin being a personal browser, and is different from other types of browsers being working to facilitate the process of browsing through the provision of voice search service, search incognito, as well as supplied to bar new tabs, and Flash Player, Video Player HTML5, and its ability to browser log synchronization and passwords with other browsers and central Alontmh available on the device. [3]


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