Breast cancer in men

Breast cancer in men


  • 1 breast cancer in men
  • 2 risk factors related to breast cancer in men
  • 3 signs and symptoms of infection
  • 4 diagnosis
  • 5 identify stages
  • 6 treatment method

Breast cancer in men

We know that breast cancer affects females and the majority of people think it does not affect men, it is in fact a disease that affects females and males, but affects males by less than the incidence in females, breast cancer is a rare disease that occurs when men, occurs most often in men between age (60-70), this cancer in men constitute less than one percent of all cases of infection.

Risk factors related to breast cancer in men

Usually it is impossible to know the actual and specific cause of cancer for any disease, but we know in general what causes cancer, factors that increase the likelihood of injury to any person with cancer these factors are called risk factors, include continuous exposure to radiation, and the presence of genetics and history in the family of injury breast cancer, the rise in the level of estrogen in men.

Symptoms and signs of infection

  • A change in breast shape and size.
  • The emergence of blocks or changes occur in the nipple, or changes in the skin of the breast.
  • The presence of liquid secretions out of the nipple.
  • Redness, pain and sensation.


In the event of symptoms and signs of the man can be a man infected with actually breast cancer, or be the result of this cancer, you should consult with your doctor.

Determine the stages

If a man is infected with the cancer doctor specialist determines the stage of the cancer, determine the stages are in order to see the spread of the disease and in any parts of the body that spread it, and the extent of treatment the doctor has, determine the stages are using numbers usually (up 0 - 4) If the number is low indicated that the disease at an early stage. The doctor is trying to find out the following:

  • The extent of tumor size
  • Cancer has spread to nearby tissues.
  • Parts of the body where the cancer has spread.

Breast cancer is likely to move and spread to the bones, liver, lungs and brain.

Method of treatment

Chemical treatment, or radiation therapy, or hormonal therapy, or a combination of these treatments, but if the disease arrived in the advanced stages are usually dependent on the full mastectomy have.


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