Breast benign tumor

Breast benign tumor


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  • 2.1 Types of benign breast tumors
  • 2.2 The reason behind the benign breast tumor
  • 2.3 Diagnosis
  • 2.4 treatment of benign breast tumors Hlat
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Breast consists of a group of fatty tissue, tissue specialized for the production of milk, a glandular tissue, as well as macrophages and ligaments tissues that support the breast and give it its shape, and is organized tissue adenovirus in the lobes that divide the breast to fifteen to twenty sections, which in turn consists of a small Vsifsat produce milk that drives through small channels into larger channels to reach the end of the day to the nipple. And the tail of the breast, which also is part of the breast tissue up to the bottom of the armpit also contains a group of lymph nodes, these lymph nodes are found throughout the body, which is part of the immune system. [1]

Breast tumors

The benign breast tumors is very common among women, as most of the changes in the breast are benign in nature, unlike malignant tumors, the benign breast tumors do not threaten the patient's life. However, similar to the symptoms of benign tumors with malignant difficult to keep them apart, as well as some of these benign tumors do not give any symptoms and reveal by accident mammogram. [2] Changes occur in the breast tissue throughout the period of a woman's life; Because these are very sensitive tissues of the hormones estrogen and progesterone, which are constantly changing in each month during the menstrual cycle, and that makes them vulnerable to the formation of tumors dramatically, so that breast cancer is the second type of cancer prevalent after skin cancers for females. [3]

Types of benign breast tumors

Types of tumors differ Bhspb its cause, as well as different symptoms, and the most important types of benign tumors and their causes and symptoms caused by the following: [4]

  • Painful swelling of natural (physiological), which is known changes baghouse fibroblasts or glandular changes, this occurs during the menstrual cycle because of the change of female hormones. At least half of the women who cycle did not stop to have Ihssn pain in the breast, and when you touch women feel pain and lump under her hand, and usually ahead of a week of the descent of menstruation, and go away quickly with the beginning of the session, and frequently in the ages between thirty and fifty.
  • Adenoma fibrillation: a block usually occurs in women below the age of forty and one of the most benign tumors common, occur due to an increase in the growth of one of the glands and connective tissue in the breast, women and feel the presence of a circular solid block rubber texture, moving under the skin when pressed, It is painful usually go away alone after a break session, and can be removed surgically if annoying.
  • Cysts Breast: It is a block filled with fluid, usually occurs in women who are close to the life cycle interruption, a mass of spherical soft texture, moving by simple when you press them, and appear during the two preceding the beginning of the session two weeks, and go away alone after the descent of menopause, and in some cases are treated by pulling these fluids thin needle when a specialist doctor, but 30% of them may resume fullness after fluid withdrawn.
  • Breast abscess: a block is made because of infections occur in the breast, especially among lactating women, when close some channels within the breast gather their milk becomes an appropriate place for the growth of bacteria entering through the nipple cracked, this leads to be an abscess within the breast. And it is accompanied by a painful mass of high temperature and the descent of pus from the nipple, and are treated by antibiotics and warm compresses.
  • Fat necrosis: a block occurs because of an injury or blow suffered fatty tissue inside the breast, and usually go away alone, but if its survival is preferable to be removed surgically.
  • Lipoma: a mass produced from greasy growth in fatty tissue, the soft texture and do not need treatment only if they cause a nuisance to women, and can be easily removed surgically.
  • Papilloma channels: a small blocks-like pimples grow in the lining of the mammary channels close to the nipple, usually affects women between forty and fifty years of age, and can cause bleeding from the nipple discharge or out of them.

The reason behind the benign breast tumor

Considered cysts or cysts of the most common causes of tumor breast benign in women, in the period before menopause, in addition to fibroblasts blocs another reason is a reason for the presence of tumor breast benign, especially among the younger age women, as well as form cysts or inflammation, another cause of breast benign tumor, as these infections come as a result of infection, despite the fact that there could be other reasons are causing breast benign tumor, the more types of diseases of breast tumors benign common and widespread are among women taking pills pregnancy, or women who Atagan hormone replacement. [5]


It can be diagnosed with benign breast tumors through several ways including: [6]

  • Ultrasound.
  • Mammograms.
  • Needle to collect samples.
  • Biopsy.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging.

Treatment of benign breast tumors Hlat

The clusters and fibroids fatty small size will not need usually to treat unless they cause symptoms, and can also treat cysts and bags by dragging them through a needle, and in most cases do not need more to treat, but for clusters and fibroids fatty acids are eliminated and then examined in laboratory to confirm the diagnosis, and the antibiotic treatment when there is an abscess, infections, and sometimes the clouds and cleaning surgical in the event of a gathering of pus and pus. [7]

Video breast benign tumor

Watch the video to know more about breast benign tumor:


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