Bodybuilding exercises

Bodybuilding exercises


  • 1 squat exercise to build leg muscles
  • Exercise 2 cable to build hand muscles
  • Exercise 3 Aldgz level to build chest muscles
  • 4 References

Squat exercise to build leg muscles

The exercise squat Kamal most common objects exercises, to build the Quartet thigh muscles, the large muscles of the thigh, and is keen to apply the exercise squat carefully to avoid knee injury, is this exercise by placing the weight or weight on the shoulders behind the neck, and lower torso by bending the legs, and repeat this exercise 8 to 12 times, even feeling tired, and when the ability to do more than 12 repeat, start preferred weight gain, can also perform the exercise without putting weights, simply, by standing with the installation of the back on the wall, and drop down from by bending the legs, and stand up again. [1]

Exercise cable to build hand muscles

The use of the machine pull cable or seat, on building the muscles of the hands of a strong and huge, and specifically targeting dual head muscles in the hand, and can be applied to the exercise by the following steps: [2]

  • Stand in front of the cable seat and build on it, with stand out a little bit about him.
  • Care to be with arms Mistoatan shoulder level.
  • Carry weight resting in the hands.
  • Pull weight or weight to the top, by the curvature of the elbow in the direction of the shoulder to the top, with repeated several times.

Exercise Aldgz level to build chest muscles

Exercise helps that determine chisels chest to increase its strength, as it gives Sadr extra power to perform a variety of daily tasks, such as lifting objects or paid, plus they are improving the general appearance, and the mood too, can experience the exercise Aldgz level, using iron bar to increase the size and strength of the chest, and exercise can be applied according to the following steps: [3]

  • Lie on the floor or on a fixed seat, with the feet placed firmly fixed on the ground, keep the back flat.
  • Ensure that the iron bar directly above the chest, and be the head, shoulders, buttocks on the seat.
  • Capture the Iron bar when you install the upper chest, while keeping the elbows and wrists straight.
  • Taking inspiration when you take down the bar slowly until touching the chest.
  • Exhalation pay when taken it up the bar.
  • Repeat the exercise 8 to 12 times on 3 sets, and increase the weight on the bar gradually.


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