Bitter benefits of acne

Bitter benefits of acne


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Murr is a small herb is similar to that male, a white transparent slant to light brown, and the more become the color dark I said benefits, and contain this herb aromatic oils and disinfectants, so used as an antibiotic, and have many benefits and uses. And we will talk in this article about the benefits of bitter love especially young people.

Bitter benefits of acne

  • Cleanse the skin, eliminates bacteria and germs that cause acne.
  • Rid the skin of red grain, and pimples.
  • It resists skin infections.

Bitter use to treat acne

  • By mixing half a cup of herb bitter ground, with little water, to get a mix brown color, then face thoroughly clean and pork fat mixture, or fat places of the presence of grain in the body, and leave it for an hour, and then wash the face with cold water. It is recommended that the application of the mixture at a rate of twice a week to get satisfactory results.
  • By mixing a cup of bitter ground, to a cup of olive oil, and add a little bitter oil, leaving the mixture for a week, and then add a little honey to the mix, and mixed well, and then the mixture applied to the face for half an hour, then wash.
  • By soaking a number of bitter pills in warm water the whole night until completely melt, and then save the mixture formed in a glass tray in the refrigerator, fat face any moisturizer, then mix the bitter pork fat, at a rate of 3 times a week.
  • By grinding the amount of almonds, and add two tablespoons of honey and one teaspoon of bitter ground to the mix, and mixing the ingredients well to get a homogeneous mixture, then mix applied to the face to dry, and then peel is gentle and movement circular, then wash the face with warm water and then cold water.

The benefits of public bitter herb

  • Treatment of indigestion problems, stomach pain, and the pain of the menstrual cycle, colds, shortness of breath, coughing, and bladder infections, and get rid of phlegm, hoarseness, and the expulsion of gases from the body, strengthen blood, relieve joint pain, strengthen bones and cartilage, and renewal of body cells, by drinking the bitter herb infusion twice daily.
  • Treatment of wounds, skin infections, by fat-affected areas Bmenkua bitter herb using medical cotton.
  • Maintain healthy teeth and gums, by rinsing Bmenkua herb.
  • Alleviate the smell of sweat, by blending a little bitter powder with a little white powder alum, then the fat area under the armpit.
  • Treatment of skin problems, and protection of the appearance of signs of aging, standardization of color, Lightening, and remove dark circles around the eyes.


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