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Best Windows

Many of the users running Windows 7 system, a reliable and stable, but the basic support system of the company has ended, and will stop security has updates in the year 2020, as they continued to use it even after the release of Windows 8, because the new system did not meet the needs of users did not receive relish , then run the Windows 10 system version, it was the perfect choice as the best operating system issued by Microsoft, which has many features and characteristics. [1]

Comparison between Windows 7 and Windows 10

Characteristics and features that should be compared between the two operating systems Windows 7 and Windows 10 as follows: [2]

  • Start menu: Windows 7 system retains the traditional form of the list of start in the previous versions, the Windows 10 system has been used live squares (Live Tiles) feature of Windows 8 system with the ability to change colors and customize items in the list.
  • Applications: Provides 10 Windows system the ability to download applications directly from Microsoft App Store (Microsoft Store), without having to download files format (exe).
  • Notifications: Notifications appear in the Windows 7 system in the taskbar (taskbar), while in Windows 10, the notices appear in a dedicated center called Action Center (Action Center); Which displays the notifications about system information and important e-mail messages, in addition to having a quick toggle buttons for the brightness of the screen, and share files, network settings, and others.
  • Voice Assistant: Provides a Windows system 10 audio assistant to perform certain tasks, such as the follow-up games, weather and send e-mail messages, and this is called as the Assistant Kortana (CORTANA), and this property is not available in the Windows 7 system.
  • Support and Security: will stop security updates for Windows 7 in the year 2020, while Windows 10, the Microsoft launches updates him twice a year, and will continue to the future according to the company's plans.
  • Compatibility with software: Enjoy Windows 7 by better with old programs, however, the modern versions of MS Office package will not be compatible with.

Windows versions are not recommended

While some versions of Windows operating systems comes, which caused many problems for users, experts and considers it one of the worst versions produced by Microsoft: [3]

  • Windows ME.
  • Windows Vista.
  • Windows 8.


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