Best ways for slimming

Best ways for slimming


  • 1 vegetarian diet
  • 2 eat foods rich in fiber
  • 3 tips to get rid of excess weight
  • 4 References

Dieting vegetarian

Advised to follow vegetarian diet to help get rid of excess weight, because a person must stay away from eating fat, fried foods, and replace it Babakulyat, seeds, nuts, in addition to vegetables, fruits, can also eat natural fats, and health, including coconut oil , avocado, sesame oil, soy milk, potatoes and chickpeas. [1]

Eat foods rich in fiber

Helps eat foods rich in fiber to lose weight, which enhances the feeling of fullness, and delay gastric emptying process, thereby reducing consumer food quantities, and thus protect against the problem of obesity. [2]

Tips to get rid of excess weight

There are many tips, and instructions that help to get rid of obesity, including the following: [3]

  • Drink plenty of water to lose weight easier, since drinking appropriate amount of water helps the heart to pump blood to the muscles more easily through the blood vessels, and thus it helps the muscles to work efficiently, leading to melt the fat in the body.
  • Daily walk, which helps to burn excess calories, especially in the morning before breakfast, where scientific research suggests that a walk before breakfast burns more calories, contributing to excess weight loss.
  • Coffee consumption with the need to avoid coffee sold in stores, because they contain a high percentage of calories, it is recommended to eat one cup of coffee mixed with milk skimmed, which enables a person to make use of the calcium found in milk ingredient, as well as to get rid of excess weight .
  • To minimize as much as possible to sit in front of the TV for long periods, which increases the likelihood of eating larger amounts of food.


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