Best Video Players

Best Video Players


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  • 2 most important video players 2.1 Windows Media Player 2.2 KM Real Player 2.3
  • 2.1 Windows Media Player
  • 2.2 KM
  • Real Player 2.3

Video Players

Computers are used in many important and useful uses, and perhaps the most prominent of these Alastkhaddmat watch videos, movies in order to enjoy, or gain a particular benefit of video content, or recall the beautiful moments, and so forth.

So that the user can watch the videos you want to see it, it must be loaded program known as video player, where the program works this to play video files, and various movies, and audio files, and provides the user to control the screen size in terms of zoom, zoom, brightness, etc. , in addition to the possibility of sound control, and many other things.

Some video players also allows the ability to edit video, and the story, and perhaps combined with another video. Software companies have competed for the development of many video players that features every one of the characteristics which made him unique, the following are some of the most important programs run videos.

The most important video players

Here we will show the most important video players that help users to watch a variety of videos, including the following:

Windows Media Player

This program is one of the most famous and oldest video files players, and audio files at all, which is the development of Microsoft's software, and comes accompanied with a free copy of Windows operating system that is subtracted from the same company.

The most important characteristic of Windows Media Player) WMP) software, it is capable of dealing with many of the visual and audio file types, as characterized by its ability to sync and copy files on the disks, and many other benefits.


The best option is this program to watch videos of all kinds with the translation, which supports the integration of text subtitle files with video files feature of this program, so that the viewer is able to understand the video in his own language is, and here the program provides to the user many different options regarding the way in which the translation will appear, font size, and place to appear.

The program also allows the smallest details of sound and image control, so it is truly one of the best software players video files, and audio files. It is worth mentioning with regard to this program, it is able to support a large number of languages ​​around the world, and it is available free on the web, making it appropriate for all, because of its ease of use, and the enormous potential.

Real Player

It is one of the oldest video drivers, the most memorable, it has emerged since the mid-nineties of the twentieth century. This program allows you to run a huge number of different types of files, from which it can be dispensed with many other software running certain types and specific files. As in the rest of the other software, the program allows you to control the sound and image well, which is free, and is available with a number of different international languages.


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