Best types of dates

Best types of dates


Mentioned dates in many places in the Holy Quran, because it contains many of the benefits and values ​​of the great human body, and this is reflected in the words of Almighty God in His Holy Book: "And shake the trunk of palm tree you fresh ripe dates upon," It contains many mineral salts and elements various Kalmgnysiom calcium, and many iron and sugars, and lead to the strengthening of the human body and nerves, and treats anemia, and advised the pregnant woman eating dates in the stage of pregnancy and lactation, because it leads to facilitate the process of birth, is also working on the purification of the body of any toxins exposed.

Types of dates

There are many types of dates and we will talk about the best types of these dates are:

  • Pass Ajwa City: This is kind of the best types of dates, known as the lady of fruits in the world, and this kind of most species that were favored and loved our noble Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, because it contains many valuable benefits to the human body, This type invalidate the magic effect that exposed human, and prevent the entry of any kind of toxins to the human body, and lead to the treatment of anemia, and stop the bleeding, which may affect pregnant women, and other benefits.
  • Pass diabetes Qassim: multiply the presence of this type of dates in the Qassim region in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is one of the best types of dates in this region, and this date is the size of the average yellow in color, and has many of the benefits to human, such as working to soothe human nerves, and lead to treat diseases suffered by the liver.
  • Pass zero Bisha: multiply the presence of this type of dates in the city of Bisha in Saudi Arabia, and is characterized by sizeable size compared with other dates, have made a lot of poets talking about this kind of dates, and is the kind of species that contains very few ratios of sugars.
  • Pass the salvation of Ahsa: We pass Ahsa in Al-Ahsa region, and contains high levels of calcium useful for the bones, and is one of the most common types of dates expensive, because it is not frequently produced, like other species, and is the production of a single palm of this type is equivalent to seventy kilometers.
  • Pass the output of salvation: the cultivation of this kind in Al-Kharj region, and has gained importance of the quality of the soil in which it is grown.
  • Qassim Sqaa is characterized by oval form and has a light color and is used Krdob pass.
  • Burney Ais: The production of this type in the scrub area, a species that is similar to the dates of zero, and has many benefits Ktencit glands and work to strengthen the nerves, has mentioned the Prophet peace be upon him: "The best Tmrkm Alberni come out disease and disease in which" , and it is widely grown in the summer.


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