Best Slimming Methods Rapid

Best Slimming Methods Rapid


  • 1 follow the system depends on the fluid
  • 2 Avoid eating sugar
  • 3 stay away from eating fruits
  • 4 eating proteins
  • 5 dilution of carbohydrate intake
  • 6 References

Follow the system depends on the fluid

Diet liquid depends on not eating any kind of food is solid, and replace them with juice and soup, which will drop weight rapidly because of calories determine significantly less percentage of what the body needs in the burning process, and containing diets liquid generally 300-200 calories calories per day compared Baanaaj human to 2000-2500 calories per day. [1]

Avoid eating sugar

You should stay away from eating sugar to get a satisfactory result in the slimming process, and there are multiple types of sugar Kalgelokoz, fructose, lactose, corn syrup, molasses or also known as black honey, as sugar found in different products and can not be predicted, such as tomato sauce. [2]

Stay away from eating fruits

Fruits contain a high proportion of sugar is considered except the berries of a few sugar where fruit can be eaten more than once per week, it is possible to make a mixture of berries, ice or mixed with milk, fat-free meal alternative for breakfast. [2]

Eating proteins

Eating foods that contain fat-free proteins, such as fish, soy and chicken should be eating in a way barbecue or cooking steam. It should be noted the need to avoid dairy, including cheese and cream products eat because they contain fats and sugars, it is possible to eat skim milk and yogurt is sweetened cheese and cottage once a day. [2]

Mitigation of carbohydrate intake

For fewer calories and reduce the appetite, you should not eat more carbohydrates in the diet, where the body Sitagzy on the stock of fat, without feeling the need for food, also helps to reduce the intake of carbohydrates on the low level of insulin in the human body, which helps the kidneys get rid of sodium and water, which increases the need for the body. [3]


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