Best Slimming Methods

Best Slimming Methods


  • 1 attention to diet
  • 2 exercise
  • 3 Other tips for weight loss
  • 4 References

Attention to diet

There are many dietary tips that can be followed to lose weight healthily, including: [1]

  • Favored eating a rich breakfast protein, because studies have indicated that they help ease the desire to eat and reduce calorie intake during the day.
  • Preferably avoid sweetened drinks and fruit juices, these are more things that increase the weight.
  • Drink water half an hour before meals, the study suggests that drinking water half an hour before the meal led to an increase weight loss by 44% in three months.
  • Careful intake of soluble fiber, where studies have indicated that these fibers help in fat loss, especially in the abdominal area, and there are some dietary supplements such as Glucomannan.
  • Drinking coffee or tea, due to caffeine in them, helps to increase metabolic processes in the body at a rate of 3-11%.
  • Care to eat whole foods and unprocessed, so it is healthier and more saturated and lead to more control the amount of food intake.
  • You should eat slowly, as chewing earn more irritable with time and weight, and eating slowly leads to a feeling of fullness and stimulates hormones that help in weight loss.

Playing sports

As is known, that the person to burn more calories than those eaten or Alparwbh, sports Valtmarin help download weight, and that studies indicate that it helps to maintain weight in the long run, it is desirable that the person begins to exercise exercises gradually minutes that up to exercising for half an hour most days of the week, it is also possible to do this split time at intervals, but for the quality of the exercises that do, it is possible to exercise any exercise as long as they move the heart and lungs, such as walking, bike riding, and jogging, swimming, lessons fitness, or dance, and play with the children, as preferred to consult a doctor before exercising any special exercises in pathological cases, also favored the practice of strength exercises two to three times a week, in addition to the practice of stretching exercises twice a week. [2 ]

Other tips for weight loss

There are other tips as possible followed for weight loss, including: [3]

  • The obligation to make a decision.
  • Find internal catalyst.
  • Set realistic goals for weight loss.
  • Enjoy healthy foods and physical activities.
  • The change of habits that could be difficult to reach the goal.


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