Best oil for hair baths

Best oil for hair baths


  • 1 Oil Hair baths
  • 2 bath hot olive oil 2.1 components 2.2 Method of use
  • 2.1 components
  • 2.2 Method of use
  • 3 bath natural oils

Hair oil baths

Help baths hair oil in the treatment of dry hair problems and the cafeteria and falling, so for its moisturizing properties and nutrition absorbed by the characteristics of the hair and scalp, and increase its capacity to the secretion of the body's natural oils, which works to maintain the hair supple and moistened, through the use of the following one way.

Bath hot olive oil


  • olive oil.
  • Piece cotton.
  • Bashkir moistened with water.

How to use

  • Olive oil is placed in the microwave on medium heat to be heated, and in the absence of a microwave can be used in the heat of gas oil heating, but without exaggeration in it, so as not to burn the hair or scalp.
  • Dip a piece of cotton inside the olive oil but it is suitable imbibing quantity.
  • The creation of light blows with a piece of cotton on the scalp, with the pressure on the cotton piece to squeeze it on the scalp.
  • Is re-dipping a piece of cotton with olive oil every time you dry it, and to do so taking into account all areas of the scalp and head completely covered with olive oil.
  • Rub the scalp with both hands, so as to encourage them to absorb as much of the largest olive oil.
  • Spread bathrobe hot water wet on the scalp, with re-dulling every time it dries them, and follow-up to do so for 20 minutes at a minimum.
  • Wash the hair with warm water and shampoo.

Natural bath oils

Beauty experts prefer to mix a range of natural oils with each other and work for the oil bath damaged hair, and to take advantage of minerals and vitamins contained in these combined oils rather than monopolize all oil separately, and it is through the next follow.

  • Pour the same amount of natural oils in an appropriately sized bowl, and mix with each other to be transformed into a single oil.
  • Heating oil on the heat source light, so as to facilitate absorbed by the scalp.
  • Adzo hair into several parts, depending on the intensity and length, and lift each part using a hair clip.
  • Singles out the first part of the hair, then dipped the fingers inside the bowl oils.
  • Tdek scalp with fingers filled with oil mixture gently to avoid breaking the hair, to penetrate oils mixture inside, while continuing scrubs for a quarter of an hour maximum.
  • Hair wrapped plastic bag so as to save the hair heat inside.
  • Wraps the plastic bag hot for ten minutes Bepeshkar, then lifted him.
  • Hair stays wrapped in plastic bag with all night, wash with warm water and shampoo in the morning.


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