Best oil for coarse hair

Best oil for coarse hair


  • 1 coarse hair
  • 2 best oil for coarse hair 2.1 Coconut Oil 2.2 Castor Oil 2.3 sesame oil 2.4 Vitamin E Oil 2.5 Avocado Oil 2.6 Argan oil
  • 2.1 Coconut Oil
  • 2.2 Castor Oil
  • 2.3 sesame oil
  • 2.4 Vitamin E Oil
  • 2.5 Avocado Oil
  • 2.6 Argan oil

the rough hair

Considered female coarse and dry hair less fortunate than gloss hair and vitality, so why face difficulty in how to care of their hair and make it healthy and soft, where looking for ways in which they can Tenaimh and maintain the health and luster, can solve these problems through the constant use of the best types of oils allocated for coarse hair.

Best oil for coarse hair

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is used for the purpose of refining the coarse hair, through heating an appropriate amount of coconut oil in a water bath, while avoiding exposed to fire directly during the heated, and Ferdh on the scalp and qualities of hair, starting with massage hair it until the open pores, and absorbed the largest part of it, and then leave the oil on the hair for half an hour and cleans water with shampoo and conditioner can be used afterwards.

Castor oil

Castor oil is known for his ability to solve the many problems of hair, including coarse hair problems, preferably in this case mixing spoon of castor oil with egg yolk and one, with the addition of a few points with lemon juice mixture and straighten the hair long enough.

Sesame oil

Uses sesame oil balm conditioner for hair coarse, also helps in the treatment of damaged parts thereof, and to prevent drying when exposed to radiation strong sun, and can be used as moisturizer for the hair through the individual little of it on the hair after a bath, a wet, as an alternative to a natural alternative for oil products and other creams hair moisturisers.

Oil vitamin E

It helps vitamin E oil in hair moisturizing, and get rid of the entanglements between the qualities, so by mixing five tablespoons of oil, vitamin E with a tablespoon of sweet almond oil, and heat the resulting oil bath Bukhari mixture, and then singled out on the hair and scalp with massage for several minutes until It is distributed evenly between all its parts, and leaves as well as for half an hour and wash with soap and water.

Avocado oil

Know the fruits of avocado its proximity to the high levels of healthy oils and vitamins that support the body and maintain health, and can count on avocado oil to nourish the bristles of these nutrients and moisturisers, through the mixing of two tablespoons of avocado oil with a tablespoon of olive oil, and straighten the rough and then hair warm and wrapped with a towel left on this case for at least two hours, then clean it with water and shampoo, can increase in the amount of oils used according to the intensity and length of hair.

Argan oil

Argan oil is used in the manufacture of many hair all kinds of care products, and so for its hair of the benefits of various, can also be used Argan oil directly on the coarse hair Tenaimh and moistened without any effects side on this, and through the work of bath oil for hair twice a week at least a little of it and the individual on the hair after washing.


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