Best exercises to increase the length

Best exercises to increase the length


  • 1 to strengthen the core muscles
  • 2 Yoga
  • 3 attachment
  • 4 swimming
  • 5 touch toes
  • 6 References

Strengthening core muscles

Distributed core muscles in the body in the abdomen and the spine area, and help the process of strengthening the support of the spine and the middle part of the body, which helps the composition and status of the body appropriate will show the body longer, in the case of these muscle weakness will be the backbone is supported by the column, has cause convexity, and exercises that benefit this particular pressure exercises, exercises to crush the stomach, and the like. [1]


According to the practice of yoga in the column supporting the spine and increase the length clearly, and helps to diversity in positions the application of yoga and physical extensions that can be created through it, including the status of the child and the status of the camel, as well as the status of the triangle and others, In general, the Yoga is a way to strengthen the backbone of growth and reduce the risk of contracting thanks to provide him with the flexibility and freed from the pressure on it. [2]


Help the practice exercises attachment to lengthen the spine and remove the pressure for, including: [2]

  • Constipation rod and leave the feet hanging precariously air.
  • Relying on the tables provided the coup Bmthbt feet to practice the exercise.


Swimming require that much application of expansion, which leads its result to help increase height gradually, and even the individual achieves a clear increase in the length it needs to swim for long periods and frequently, and this requires the allocation of time to practice ranges between an hour or two hours a day at least ; To increase the height naturally. [3]

Touching toes

Is an exercise touching toes exercise a simple and useful in attempts to increase height naturally, and return the benefit of this exercise for being a catalyst for the production of growth hormone more, and to achieve the desired result of increasing the length by following this exercise, it is recommended to the exercise at a rate of twice a day, in addition to its integration with other warm-up exercises. [3]


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