Best computer

Best computer


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  • 2.1 Windows operating system 10
  • 2.2 operating system Windows 7
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Best computer

There are many specifications that prefer their presence in your computer to increase its efficiency, and these specifications as follows: [1]

  • Processor: It is recommended using a computer that has one processor (Processors), a subsidiary of Intel and the fifth generation (Core i5), or of the seventh generation (Core i7), or equivalent processors produced by the company (AMD).
  • Card screen size: it must contain a good computer on multiple types of different display ports, as an outlet for HDMI, DVI, and have a minimum screen size of 23 inches.
  • Operating system: it is best that your computer is running (Windows 10 operating system modern, like Windows 10) and the professional version (in English: Windows 10 Professional).
  • RAM: must contain a good computer memory and random access (RAM) with an area of ​​storage 8 GB minimum. [2]
  • Hard Drive: The value of preferably internal storage memory for your PC 512 GB, and preferably up to 1 TB, and be the hard drive type (SSD). [2]

Know the specifications of the device

User knowledge of his computer specifications may wish, for several reasons Kalthadit them for example, and in steps depending on the knowledge of the computer system is installed, the operating specification comes: [3]

Windows operating system 10

You can know the specifications of the device that is running Windows 10 through the system follow the following steps:

  • Right click the right mouse button to start the start button) (.
  • Choose the option of Device Manager (Device Manager) to display information processor and the display card present on the computer.
  • Knowledge of temporary memory (RAM) size on the device by repeating the first step, and then choose the option System (System).

Windows operating system 7

The steps come to know your PC specification that is running Windows 7 operating system:

  • Right click the right mouse on the icon (My Computer).
  • Choose the option properties (Properties) to display a window containing the specifications and computer information.


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