Best Anti-Virus

Best Anti-Virus


  • 1 avast
  • ٢ AVG
  • ٣ Bitdefender
  • 4 ZoneAlarm
  • ٥ Sophos
  • 6 Other anti-virus software
  • 7 References


Got Avast (Avast program) at 5.5 points out of 6 in the test of protection (AV Test's protection), and was categorized as one of the best antivirus software free available for users, offering the usual services that are protected from viruses and malware, and is characterized by its ability to control programs rootkit and anti-spyware, as many customizable options, in addition to providing system provides protection for laptops and smart phones. [1]


The program er G (AVG) and a wide spread of programs, and the most common programs for users of Android devices and features Bhetwavgah platforms with different Google; Such as Google Chrome browser, the program helps to ban suspicious links, preventing anonymous downloads, and prevent the use of e-mail attachments suspicious, in addition to its main function of viruses and malware detection, as it is a free program for use and download, making it a good choice for home use. [ 1]


Program features a Bit Defender (Bitdefender) free, his ability to work in the operation of Windows 10 systems, Windows 8, Windows 7, a program that is easy to use, and has a simple interface is crowded with lots of buttons and menus, where you can drag and drop folders and files directly to the program to run test immediately, the program helps protect against viruses, spyware, it also provides protection while surfing the Internet. [2]


The Zone program ZoneAlarm (ZoneAlarm) of the best security software on the level of the square, and is characterized by a survey that provides a firewall (firewalls), anti-virus, also contributes effectively to prevent identity theft, and prevents data loss and protected; It provides effective control tools to help overcome the problems, and warns of interesting links compromised, as the software allows users to backup cloud service (cloud backup) data, and encrypted, providing the protection of her on the Internet. [1]


It became Sovoz (Sophos software) is available free for home use; By Sovoz Home Program (Sophos Home), after it was ready for use in corporate offices, the program is well protected from malware, can also manage protection operations and security of the remote more than one device at the same time. [3]

Other anti-virus software

While some other free anti-virus software, which users can download and use the following: [2]

  • Avira (Avira) program.
  • Ed Weir Program (adaware).
  • Panda Dom Program (Panda Dome).
  • Komodo (Comodo) program. [3]
  • Kaspersky (Kaspersky) program. [3]


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