Benefits Watercress Body Oil

Benefits Watercress Body Oil


  • 1 Watercress Oil 1.1 General Benefits of Oil Watercress 1.2 Benefits of Oil Watercress Hair 1.3 Benefits of oil Watercress skin
  • 1.1 General Benefits of Oil Watercress
  • 1.2 Benefits of Oil Watercress Hair
  • 1.3 Benefits of oil Watercress skin

Oil Watercress

Is Watercress of green leafy plants known many and varied medical its benefits, and draws from it watercress oil that contains a range of important and varied nutrients, as vitamin A, which has a lot of benefits to the hair and scalp, in addition to vitamin B, vitamin E, vitamin C, also contains many metals such as iron, zinc, calcium, and some types of vehicles Kalflavonid, antioxidant substances that resist the growth of free radicals in the body, thus delaying the appearance of signs of aging; So it enters Watercress essential oil as an ingredient in the preparation and manufacture of many cosmetic preparations for both hair and skin.

General benefits of oil Watercress

  • It strengthens the body and activates because it contains a lot of vitamins.
  • It addresses a lot of digestive disorders such as indigestion.
  • Live rheumatism pain, relieves gum infections.
  • It controls the rate of sugar in the blood, and makes it normal.
  • Expels toxins and impurities from the body.
  • It increases sexual ability.
  • It relieves some cases of pulmonary tuberculosis; Because it contains some important enzymes and useful for it.

You can eat a teaspoon of it along with a hot drink on an empty stomach, and children prefer not to increase the quantity of half a teaspoon, so be added to half a glass of anise or Alcaruaah, to be taken on an empty stomach as well.

Benefits of Watercress Hair Oil

Deals with watercress oil various hair problems by strengthening Besellath, preventing hair loss, prevention of Altsala, and prevent dry scalp and stimulate hair re-growth, and protect it from embrittlement and give him look healthy and shiny, and is done by heating a small amount of watercress oil, equivalent to small spoon, and fat scalp for a few minutes; To bloom Asamamat, then placed a towel on the head for half an hour so covered in full, and rinse hair well to get rid of the oil residue.

Benefits of watercress oil for the skin

It gives skin face, neck, hands and high freshness; Because it contains the same antioxidant properties of materials, which reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and gives it the freshness and moisture as a result of it contains vitamin A, which prevents skin exposure specifically to dry during the winter, in addition to vitamin E, which delays the appearance of signs of aging, and gives glow skin large, in addition to being an antibiotic effective in getting rid of freckles, acne, freckles.

Oil is used Watercress skin by mixing two of the watercress oil with two tablespoons of yogurt, and one teaspoon of honey, and put the mixture on the skin, and leave it for ten minutes, preferably repeat this recipe twice every week.

Oil can be mixed with rose water, watercress, and put the mixture on the hands and leave it for fifteen minutes, with this recipe three times the need to repeat every week; To achieve the best results.


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