Benefits talbeenah slimming

Benefits talbeenah slimming


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Considered talbeenah of the prescriptions of the Prophet, where he said peace be upon him by: (The talbeenah Tjm Fouad patient and go with some sadness), is known to talbeenah contain many benefits to the human body, and these benefits its ability to allocate body weight and obesity treatment, so we'll show how talbeenah working on weight loss, but we'll first show how to prepare talbeenah soup of barley.

How to prepare talbeenah

  • Get the amount of two tablespoons of ground barley, and can Tnkhalih and remove bran from it, but prefers to remain after grinding with bran, bran as the increase of its value and its benefits, especially when used as a recipe for weight loss.
  • Keep ground barley in a large pot, and add to a cup of water, then put it on low heat for five minutes, and then add to Cuba of milk and let it boil for a few minutes.
  • Add it as amount of honey or sugar as desired, and a little rose water, Nhrkh well.
  • Leave it on low heat and stirring is continued additional minutes, then call of the fire from, and then Nsakbh in the pot presentation and can adorn his face a little nuts.
  • If we wanted to use talbeenah to lose weight, prefer not to use sugar, shea nuts, and for those who also want to replace the milk cup with water, in order to get the results of the allocation is better, and advised talbeenah daily meal breakfast, eat the amount of cups and continue for a period of four weeks, and thanks to the practice of aerobic exercise during the this period, estimated to be losing him weight is six or seven kilograms after the end of this period.

Benefits talbeenah slimming

  • Barley is a grain containing a large amount of potassium, which in turn helps the body get rid of excess water and harmful salts.
  • The role of moving the bran bowel muscles, because they are not digested and absorbed.
  • Characterized talbeenah ability to give the body a sense of fullness for a long time during the day, as well as the body gives great energy.
  • Working to improve the psychological state of the person, as dealt with grief and depression.

General benefits talbeenah

  • Taqi of chest diseases, and cases of atherosclerosis.
  • Regulate cholesterol in the blood, it is working to lower it.
  • Reduce the appearance of aging and signs of aging.
  • The body gives sleeping comfort, and to regulate the hours of sleep and wake up the body needs.
  • Dealing with cases of obesity, it is working to lose weight.
  • Protect against some cancers, especially cancer of the stomach.
  • Many address of the digestive system problems, especially the problems of the colon.
  • The body get rid of toxins and harmful salts.
  • It lowers high blood pressure.
  • Useful for the brain, which increases its ability to remember, fights forgetfulness.


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