Benefits of yogurt and lemon

Benefits of yogurt and lemon


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  • 1.1 Benefits of yogurt and lemon
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  • 1.3 The benefits of public yogurt
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Yogurt and lemon

The yogurt from cow's milk or sheep's milk products, and is synthesized by fermented by bacteria lactis, which is very Meh to the human body for his wealth with many health benefits, where a cup of it contains 154 calories and 8.80 grams of fat, and 12.45 g saturated fat, and 17.25 grams of carbohydrates, in addition to 15 grams of cholesterol, and 12.86 grams of proteins.

The combination of yogurt with lemon is one of the famous meals covered by the majority of the followers of diets; Given the health and aesthetic benefits at the same time, which Snzla in this article in detail

Benefits of yogurt and lemon

  • Increase the rate of fat burning and weight loss, so to get rid of 80 grams of weight per night, according to the report by nutrition experts, and the ability of lemon yogurt and high in the elimination of specific rumen and get rid of the accumulated fat around the abdomen; Studies have found a significant change in the abdomen sizes after eating yogurt and lemon.
  • Reduce the risk of developing diabetes and heart disease caused by the accumulation of harmful fat.
  • Feeling comfortable during sleep, activity and vitality in the morning.

Action yogurt lemon

Cup of yogurt supplemented with a tablespoon of lemon juice before bedtime, preferably taken between eleven at night time and one after midnight, or can be taken three times a day before meals, with the dispensing dinner meal and replace mailbox yogurt skimmed the weight of 200 grams.

The benefits of public yogurt

  • Removal of toxins that cause harmful bacteria in the intestines; Due to his riches Lactic acid.
  • Strengthen bones and prevent long-term vulnerability, and strengthen teeth due to the riches of calcium.
  • Enhance the body's absorption of food and minerals found in various foods.
  • Strengthen the body's immune system and prevention of infection with many diseases.
  • Treatment of digestive system disorders, by reducing stomach cramps, and get rid of diarrhea, and improve the performance of the colon and reduce the risk of exposure to infections; Due to the riches of organic calcium.
  • Strengthen the muscles of the body and maintain health; Due to his riches protein.
  • Weight loss as described in the first paragraph of the article; Due to his riches in calcium, which stimulates the burning of fat.
  • Adjust the high blood pressure level and reduce its harmful effects.
  • It reduces the risk of vaginal infection.
  • Prevention of premature aging and cancer; Because it contains high levels of minerals like sulfur, phosphorus, and magnesium ..
  • Improve skin health and hair, by increasing the freshness of the skin, lighten, increase smoothness, and get rid of paleness and yellowness, and stretching them and making them more youthful.

Video recipe lemon-flavored iced milk

To learn more information about the recipe of lemon-flavored iced milk watched the video.


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