Benefits of Yoga Exercises

Benefits of Yoga Exercises


  • 1 protection from back pain
  • 2 reduce tension and promote relaxation
  • 3 Reduce the effects of multiple sclerosis
  • 4 help improve breathing
  • 5 References

Protection from back pain

Help yoga to increase flexibility and strength of the body, and this may in turn helps protect against the causes of some types of back pain, where he spends a lot of people who suffer from back pain a lot of time sitting on your computer, or driving a car, causing tension throughout the body, the pressure on the spine, and yoga helps to avoid the occurrence of such things. [1]

Reduce stress and promote relaxation

Many studies have shown that the practice of yoga may help reduce the secretion of cortisol, a stress hormone primary, One study showed the effect of strong yoga on stress by tracking 24 women came to embrace themselves Amadthrb emotionally, cortisol level was significantly lower among women after he bought a program of yoga for three months , has also become levels of stress, fatigue, and depression have less, and found another study of 131 people with similar results, which showed that the practice of yoga for 10 weeks helped to reduce stress and anxiety, and in improving the quality of life and mental health. [2]

Reduce the effects of multiple sclerosis

Result of multiple sclerosis on the loss of muscle function, coordination, and other accompanying problems, and suggests some research that the practice of yoga may help reduce the effects of MS neurological multiple by improving physical function, enhance mood, and found a study of patients with multiple sclerosis six months of weekly yoga classes have improved levels of fatigue in the same degree six months of traditional exercise classes weekly sports. [3]

Help improve breathing

Focus pranayama (Pranayama), or breathing Yogic, control breathing through exercises and breathing techniques, and include most types of yoga such exercises, I have found many studies that the practice of yoga can help improve breathing, in one study, which included 287 students university participated for the course for a period of 15 weeks, they learned where many yoga exercises and breathing exercises, the results showed at the end of the study a significant increase in vital capacity they have, which is particularly useful for people with lung disease, heart problems and asthma, and found another study conducted in 2009 that the practice of breathing Yogic Symptoms and lung function improvement in patients with mild to moderate asthma, which enhances endurance, improve performance, and maintain a healthy heart and lungs. [2]


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